The Kindle 3 is a wonderful model improving on a lot of things such as weight being nearly halved. With this weight reduction there comes the increased risk of breaking it. Not to mention the screen be even more sensitive than earlier models. So you need to protect your investment at all costs, well at least within reasonable cost right?


Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

This is a fantastic case that you just cannot go wrong with, except the price. Priced at about $50 its worth it but spending about 50% of the price you just spent on a Kindle simply on a case is kind of hard to justify. Nevertheless is comes with a very decent light built right in along with being made of real leather this is a durable piece that will outlast your kindle that's for sure!


The cool thing about this cover is that I believe it fits the newer models, minus the DX versions which are much larger. So if you ever plan to get a color version or just the touch screen model you will be set with a wonderful cover to put on it.


Belkin Grip Kindle Sleeve

This is half the price of the Kindle Light cover and will do the same protection. It's also a sleeve instead of a cover, which I like and don't like. I always find it awkward to hold a case with the Kindle in it, but it's also more convenient because then you don't set down the sleeve and forget about it somewhere. Never the less the sleeve is very durable and has a sort of grip as the name implies which makes it nearly impossible to drop. If you do, it's also padded pretty well I am sure it would survive the fall, but I won't be testing it.


Again this is simply a sleeve, not really a cover so you will be sliding the Kindle in and out of this pouch for safe keeping. This isn't an issue to a lot of people, but like I said if you think you might lose it then you might just want to go with a case instead.


Make Your Own

Nothing quite in your price range? That's OK, I made one for myself too. It's quite easy with some patterns from the internet, just do a quick search and I am sure you will find some. If you want one simple without a pattern though just get some fabric and a little padding and make yourself a little pouch. Put a button or Velcro to make sure it stays shut and that's basically it! It's not too hard but functions just as well, and if you are any good will look better!