The question that I want to discuss in this article is whether the price of the new Amazon Kindle 3 reader is good value or not. Firstly, the cost of the cheapest electronic book (eBook) reader in this range is $139. This is for the model with the 6" screen that has Wi Fi access but cannot access Amazon's 3G network. What this means is that with this model you have to be connected to a computer network to be able to download or use any of the internet features of the Kindle. However if you spend a bit more you can purchase the same sized unit but this time it comes with access to the 3G Whispernet network. The price of this model is $189. This is the version that I chose. It is the first Kindle that I have purchased. The funny thing is that after I ordered it on Amazon I began to think I should have gone for the cheaper model. But now that I can download books from wherever I am, I think that I made the right choice.

Amazon Kindle 3I held off from buying an eBook reader since the start of the year. This decision has been vindicated. The reason for this is that since the start of 2010, the price of the Amazon Kindle has dropped and in addition, they have released a newer model. This is why I think that the current Kindle 3 price is good value. But the thing with technology is that it is constantly being developed so there will no doubt be a newer and better Kindle 4 sometime soon. Perhaps it will come at a reduced cost as well. This is why we sometimes resist buying because we know that something better will be coming in the future. The only problem with this attitude is that in the meantime, we are without the product. This is why I took the plunge and purchased this particular electronic reader.

It has turned out to have been the right decision for me. This is because I am able to read books without having to buy physical copies. Of course there is something romantic about the novel. And there are certainly some books that I would like to own the physical version of. However once I have read a book I normally try to give them away for others to read and enjoy. I do not want to actually collect them. However I still manage to have quite a pile of books that my friends have read and I am finding hard to give away. This is why the Amazon Kindle suits me really well. I can read books without having them clutter up my apartment. So for me, the current Kindle 3 price really is good value for money.