Tips and Tricks
for the
Amazon Kindle Keyboard

There are many Kindle shortcuts that can help you quickly accomplish common tasks on the Kindle. Most of the Kindle tips and tricks mentioned here can be accessed through the various menus on the device. However, some of these tricks are hidden features.

Grab your Kindle Keyboard and try out some of these tips to get more functionality out of your Kindle 3. Some of these tricks may work on previous versions of the Amazon Kindle. If you have an earlier version you can try them out. You certainly can't break anything by pushing a few buttons.

Typing Numbers

Missing the extra row of numbers above the letters? You can press the Alt key plus any of the top row letters to type the numbers 1-0 without having to use the special Symbol key.


Alt+B will create or remove a bookmark.

Amazon Kindle Tips and TricksCredit: AmazonText to Speech

To turn the text to speech feature on and off you can hit Shift+Sym. You can also use the Back button to turn off speech to text while it is playing. If you want to pause the playback you can press the space bar while it is playing. Pressing the space bar again will turn the text to speech back on.

Turn On/Off Music

If you have MP3 files loaded into your Kindle you can turn the music on and off by pressing Alt+Space while reading. You need to drop some MP3 files into the music folder on the Kindle for this to work.

Jump to Next/Previous Chapter

This does not always work because it is dependent on the way the book was made. If enabled, you can press the left and right arrows on the 5-way controller to skip to the next chapter or previous chapter in the book.

Free Emailing to Your Kindle

Go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon and you will see your Kindle address at the top. Your address will be something like a Sending files through this address will automatically add them to your Kindle via 3G if available, but at a cost. If, however, you use the alternate address, you can send files over Wi-Fi for free at any time you are connected. This free address is in the format of To keep you from getting unwanted items sent to those addresses, you have to manually approve all incoming email addresses.

Kindle Tips: Creating a ScreenshotCredit: dpeachScreenshot

Pressing Alt+Shift+G will take a screenshot of whatever is on your Kindle screen at the time. You can access your screenshots by browsing your Kindle's documents directory when the Kindle is plugged in to your computer via USB. These images are title like: screen_shot-xxxxx.gif (where xxxxx is a number).

Remove Ghosting

Sometimes you will have some ghosting on your Kindle screen. You can make the screen do a complete refresh by pressing Alt+G. The Kindle tries to eliminate ghosting by the way it does the normal page turns, but occasionally you may want to manually force a refresh of the screen if an image stays on there after a page flip.

Minesweeper + GoMoku

Pressing Alt+Shift+M will bring up the minesweeper game. You play by using the 5-way controller to move your cursor. Press the select button (middle button of the controller) to click on the square. If you think there is a mine under the cursor you hit the M key to mark the mine. The game is over when you have marked all the mines.

You can also play Go after you are in the minesweeper game by selecting the letter G. I have never figured that game out, so I couldn't tell you how it is played.


Do you find yourself getting too many screens full of books to search through? You can manage your books into collections on the reader. If you have several biographies you can create a collection for them. Or spy novels, or romances, or cosmology, or quantum physics. A book can be stored in several collections. This feature lets you create a directory structure for your books.

From the home screen select the Menu button. Then choose Create New Collection. You can add books from there. Or, if you are on the home screen you can highlight the book you want to add to a collection and press the right arrow key. The first option on that screen is to add the book to a collection.

If you have a nice Kindle case with a pocket, you can copy and print the following short list to carry with you until you learn the shortcuts.

Numbers: Alt+Top-Row Letters
Bookmarks: Alt+B
Speech: Shift+Sym
Pause Speech: Space
Music: Alt+Space
Prev/Next Chapt: L/R Arrows
Screenshot: Alt+Shift+G
Screen Refresh: Alt+G
Minesweeper: Alt+Shift+M