Can't wait for the Kindle 4 Release Date? Excited about what the next generation Kindle will bring? Yep me too! Daft isn't it? After all the current incarnation of this cute little ebook reader does just fine. It must be pretty fab to still be selling in such huge numbers regardless of the tablet wars currently occuring.

But human nature being what it is, we're always interested in what the future has in store aren't we. Well I am at least. I can tell you have no desire to upgrade if there is not something mind-blowing on offer either. But I know that eventually better products will be available and I will want something new. For now though my 3rd gen ebook reader is really all I need.

But I still want to know what will be on offer next, with the Kindle 4. So to that end, I have been delving into the intriguing world of technology and gadgets to see what might be possible, and what consumers might want. Here's what I have come up with:

  1. I think it will definitely be a Color Kindle next time round. The company that produce e-ink have announced they can now produce color e-ink. This means you still get the lower power, no strain joy of electronic ink, but with full color too. I know many of us might not need color, but children's books, magazines and text books would all benefit from a color display.
  2. We have to see a Touch-screen Kindle next time around. It would make going online a lot more practical, and is just an easy way to navigate that we are all growing more and more fond of. So many people automatically go to touch the display on gadgets such as this it is becoming second nature to us, and one that Amazon would do well to think about if they want to remain as industry leaders in the ebook reader market.
  3. Because have touch, will allow the keypad to disappear I think we will see a smaller ebook reader from Amazon, but with the same six inch screen size. I am torn though as it would be easy to still do away with the keypad and boost the display size to seven inches without adding much extra overall size to the device. Perhaps with the success of the seven inch Galaxy Tab this might be the size Amazon do decide on for the future.
  4. Improved foreign character display. Things are getting better, but I am still hearing a lot of complaint about the Chinese and Russian scripts being a little unclear. Improvements to the definition of the display will sort out these issues easily, and widen the market for this particular ebook reader.
  5. Of course the web browser will need to improve. But I think this will come along with general upgrades, like even faster refresh (if that is possible), even greater clarity and probably an even lighter device.

I have to say I am rather looking forward to what Amazon will come up with next. I really believe that a dedicated ebook reader will remain the best choice for digital reading for pleasure, regardless of what happens in the tablet pc world!