Kindle apps are popping up all over the place ever since Amazon released the development kit for the device. There are very few worth mentioning to be honest though. Most of them are low quality spam-ware that just try to sucker you out of a buck. How do you know which ones are worth paying for then? Well its quite simple really, do what you should be doing with any other Amazon product. Checking reviews, if there are only 2 reviews and both saying how amazing something is. It might not be all its cracked up to be but just the developers friends writing reviews to get some sales in. Now with 10+ reviews then you can probably trust what is being said.


Now onto a few Kindle Apps which you should check out.



This is a game reminiscent of Bejeweled but for Kindle. I would say that the game handles the Kindle limitations quite well for doing what it does. This is a must in my opinion, unless you absolutely hate those match 3 games. In which case this is probably not for you. It has all the features you match 3 fans expect without all the bells and whistles of course as the Kindle isn't exactly a gaming platform here hah.





Notepad is exactly like it sounds, a nice little notepad that you can save the contents of. This is very useful for things like grocery lists and the like. Nothing really too special about this... its a buck and its for those who need a pen and paper and never have it. But somehow have a Kindle on hand hah!


Address Book

This is a wonderful little program if you are like me and always loose your phone numbers if you phone is not functioning. This is an all inclusive address book so you can put cell phone numbers, home phones, addresses, the works. The BEST feature I find though is that it automatically backs up your contacts weekly, just in case. As well as being compatible with Outlook, so you can simply send your Outlook file over to your Kindle and have all your address booking already done for you.



This is the best app for a Kindle Calendar that I have found, its very easy to navigate and add some events to it. Not to mention the options for repeating events is NICE. My only gripe with this app is a limitation and that is, it will not warn you unless you open up the app of a coming event. Of course there is no way for them to do this, but it still kinda sucks you have to get into the habit of opening the calendar.



Puzzle Pack #1

Ok, so one last app and its a game. These are some nice little brain teasers in here that will keep you busy for 10 minutes at a time for quite a while. My only gripe is if you actually sit down with it there aren't all that many puzzles but its a buck so not too much of a problem I suppose.