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With all the new versions of the Kindle reader, you probably got one for the holidays or your birthday this year. Because they are getting more and more reasonable in price, you may have even bought one for yourself. Congratulations.

Now where are you going to get all those free Kindle book deals you hoped to find?

There are some mailing lists and websites you can visit to get free books for your Kindle and other ebook readers. Some of these notification sites are Kindle or Nook specific, but most will tell you about both formats.

“Buying” Free eBooks

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink logoCredit: PixelOfInk.comPixel of Ink maintains a website, a mailing list and a Facebook page. They tell you what books are available each day for free or cheap that they find on the Amazon Kindle store. Amazon has a “deal of the day” that Pixel of Ink tracks for you.

Each day they send an email with a listing of everything they put on their site daily. Their Facebook page updates throughout the day too. In the email there is a listing of each of the books along with the price. You can click on a link right in the email and buy the book; even if it is free you go through the buying process.

One thing to note when you got to the Amazon site to purchase the book, make sure you check the price. If the price was free for a limited time, it may have reverted to its pre-promotion price. Don’t make the mistake of paying $10 for a book you hoped to get for free.

Recently Pixel of Ink has included the prices of books from the Barnes and Noble Nook store. They also feature the daily B&N special deal. It seems Amazon tries to match this price in their own bookstore.

Amazon Kindle Store

The Kindle Store has a section called the Kindle Daily Deal. Though it isn’t often free it is a good place to look for special offers. At the right-hand side of the site you can sign up for a daily email which contains the Kindle deal.

At the Amazon Kindle Store there is a widget to the side that gives you a list of the top 100 free Kindle books. There are plenty of good books to keep you busy reading for a while.

Keep your eye on the Amazon Kindle Store website. Every-so-often they put out a list of hundreds of books they are offering for free or a very low price as a seasonal promotion.

Gospel eBooks

If you are looking for religious or inspirational reading, the website has a list of free or cheap Kindle books. They have a mailing list too, but I keep up with the site via their Chrome extension. Every couple of days I go and see what the new books are.

The books they feature are not necessarily inexpensive, though most of the time they are. Many are free. They do a good job on updating prices and posting about recent price changes.

Open Library logoCredit:

Another free lending library is They claim to have 1,000,000 free ebooks available for lending. Some books are only available in PDF and EPUB, but there are many others which are available in plain text or formats that the Kindle can read well.

Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg website ( has thousands of public domain books available for the Kindle platform. As with the OpenLibrary project, you will have to manually download the files and transfer them to your ebook reader. This can be done by emailing the file to your Kindle or transferring the file to the device over USB.

Lending Libraries

Local Library

Check with your library to see if they have electronic books they can lend. In late 2011 it became possible to get books for the Kindle from your local library. Not all libraries lend out digital books. Even if they do, they may not have the system necessary to lend Kindle books. There is a certain service that Amazon works through and your library has to contract that system to lend the books.

If your library has this service it is very easy to request a book. The system will give you a link which takes you right to the Amazon page for the book. Then you click the button that would normally be the purchase button but instead is the button which delivers the book to your Kindle. This keeps you from having to download and transfer the file to your reader.

Amazon Prime

As an Amazon Prime customer you can borrow from a list of thousands of titles. You get 1 free download a month. While there is no due date, you will need to return the book for the privilege of checking out a book the next month.

Lendle LogoCredit: Lendle.meLendle is a service that lets you tell other Kindle readers which books you own. If the book is lend-able you can share that with one other reader. They can only borrow the book once. After that they must buy the book to finish the book. They will have 14 days to read the book. At that time the book reverts back to the person who lent it.

Whether you are borrower or lender, you can only share a book one time. You can’t share it with your mother and then share it later on Lendle. When the book is loaned out you will not have access to the book on your device. Don’t announce that you have a book to lend until you finish it. Otherwise someone may request to borrow it and you could not finish the book until the 2 week loan period is over.

Lendle lets you earn money by lending more books. You are given a certain number of credits for lend requests based on the number of books you make available to the community. LogoCredit: BookLending.comThis site is almost identical to Lendle but it has a different community of people. If you are not able to find the book on one site you can probably find it on another. Or, if it is a popular book, you can request it on both sites and see which one grants the request sooner.

You may register all the books you have available at both Lendle and If you lend a book to someone in one community you can simply say that the book is no longer available to lend if requested in the other community. Even if you have not lent the book out, but you decide that you are going to let your Aunt Bertha borrow a book you can simply go into your control panel at either site and say that the book is no longer available to the community.

Reading Kindle Books

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read many free books easily on your computer or smartphone. Amazon has reader software for iOS devices as well as Android phones and tablets. There are some great features in these apps and you won’t feel a need to spend money for the reading device if you already have a tablet or phone that will support the free software.

Don’t have a smartphone or tablet? You can also get reading software for a Mac or Windows-based computer. There is also the Kindle Cloud Reader which you can find at Amazon. This is a web-based ebook reader that will let you read all your Kindle books in your web browser. The Cloud Reader even works in Linux.

Free eBook Suggestions

Do you know of any other mailing lists or websites that offer free Kindle ebooks? I have my Kindle Keyboard ready to download more books when I find a good one!