The Kindle browser is a wonderful little addition which is most useful to those who have a 3g version of the Kindle. Since the 3g is a fairly fast connection at no extra monthly fee and the browser can be used to check your email I am sure you are starting to be able to see how awesome a 3g Kindle actually is.


What Can It Do?

Well the Kindle browser does not run flash or anything like that so no Youtube videos or games. (remember its e Ink, while impressive doesn't work so well with any motion on screen) However it can still run some scripts so that means some smart websites will still function, such as Facebook. While sites such as Facebook run a little slow if you run the normal versions of the site, if you run them in the mobile version then things get sped up quite a bit. How do you run something in mobile version? Most sites you run For example for Facebook it is this runs one specifically designed to take low bandwidth.


Now taking into consideration a lot of sites have mobile versions, this means we can check our e-mail and even instant messages! How do we do this? Simply visit the mobile version of these sites and type in your account info. Now sometimes I have had issues with Gmail, but usually a quick reload of the page fixes it and it loads just fine.


Ok, What Site Can I IM From?

Well there is this fantastic site called <>IMO Me</a> that runs just fine in the Kindle and allows you to sign into multiple IM servers and chat with all your friends! Now that isn't to say its very intuitive on the Kindle cause it isn't at all. However, the option is there so make sure to bookmark that site.


Any Other Cool Sites For The Kindle?

Of course! Best one by far is Kinstant which gives you a customizable homepage. That way you can save links, show feeds from your favorite sites, or even just have it make a Kindle friendly version of a site you want to visit. They did a very good job of making this site very Kindle friendly.


How Do You Start The Browser?

This is actually quite simple. You just go to the Kindle home screen, hit Menu. Then choose experimental and then Web Browser. Then you are presented with a few options if you open the menu again such as being able to turn off image loading, which is highly recommended if you are running on 3g as pictures take a long time to load. So set all that up and you are good to go.