I’m always surprised to see the number of people who buy a new Kindle and don’t buy a proper case, only to drop it on the floor or scratch the screen with keys. After all you wouldn't want your shiny new Kindle to end up looking like this would you?

Broken Kindle

Cracked Kindle 3 Screen (source)

This is a shame because for a few dollars you can buy something that will protect your $100 buy. Kindle cases and skins are a really great way to customize your device as well as protect it. Even better, many of these cases have special versions for each Kindle so its worth having a look around. Here are a few styles that you can look for. All of them protect in a similar way, but some of them have more style than others

Leather Flap style

This is the simplest case design that is available. Some of the newer versions, such as the one below for the new Kindle Touch have a light embedded for those low lit occasions. Although they are good quality the light might feel easy to break and there are no magnets to keep the cover on when it is closed. Having used the light-free version I can’t really complain about build quality and it has survived train journeys in the knapsack without issue. For a classical no frills design this is hard to beat.   


Neoprene Cases

PrettyCool Kindle Cover  3 atomic elephant

Some of the sleeves are much more stylish than the standard Amazon covers.

Perhaps familiar to some Laptop users are Sleeves. While not as hard as the leather cases/covers above, these cases are just as handy and even have a little extra space should you want to carry a cable. Most come with a zipper but some come with buttons to make them a bit more unique. They are also a little more colorful than their conservatively colored cover counterparts.

For the Artist -  the Gelaskins

GelaSkins are a removable vinyl skin for protecting and customizing Kindles as well as iPhones, iPads and even Blackberry’s. GelaSkins use high-quality art prints from different a growing family of artists around the world. GelaSkins protect with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating. As they use a special coating, the skins adhere to your Kindle easily and come off just as simply, without any stickiness that you might expect. Most importantly they protect the Kindle from scratches. This is great if you like customizing and unique designs but perhaps not as strong as the leather flap cover.

Pool Side Cases

If you are a poolside reader or read in more stranger places than your sofa at home and worry about water or sand a more enclosed case is better.   

M-Edge Waterproof Kindle Case

 Unlike some of these sealed cases, you are still able to use your Kindle through the transparent material which is not affected by sunlight.Some types also come with an adjustable strap to wrap around your neck, which is handy if you carrying other things with you to the pool.

On the downside these cases won’t be winning any design awards but you could always apply a Gelaskin on the back. Also in the case of the TrendyDigital WaterGuard (in the video below) some users complained about the lack of responsiveness from the screen once in the case. However,  there are four foam pads supplied that can be used to improve usability as shown in the video below.

So whether it is style, security or just a no frills leather cover that you are after, there is bound to be a Kindle case that fits you.