Any product such as the Kindle Fire that receives thousands of customer reviews surely has something going for it. When this many customers take time from their busy lives to go back to Amazon and express their opinion they must have strong feelings.

However as is so often the case with any electronic device there are also a number of customers who have found fault or at the very least something about  the new Kindle that they feel strongly enough about to post a Kindle review.

The Amazon Kindle has gained so much popularity because it fills a need for those who spend hours browsing the internet looking for the best choices in downloadable books, media, computer games and other items.

Using the Kindle reader the user has access to the huge volume of movies, 10 million, TV shows, music, apps and unlimited books and magazines. When this mass of content is available at the touch of a finger, internet junkies will be on board.

Amazon Kindle Fire Customers Share Their Comments Freely

At the time of this writing the Kindle Fire at Amazon has gathered 7,326 five star, 2,663 fKindle Fire Touch Screen InterfaceCredit: Amazonour star and 1,394 three star positive ratings with the 3 star ratings mentioning some minor issues.

Surely it is a rare electronic product that attracts not only this much attention but in addition so many devoted customers that take time to express their opinions. However it is only fair to remind the potential buyer that there are also 953 two star and 1,343 one star ratings.

When one finds one star ratings where customers have stressed strong feelings about a product a careful shopper should investigate the issues represented there. Keeping in mind that many times with computers and other similar electronic products the negative rating is given not because of a serious fault but because of the customers desire for additional features or a USB port, for instance,  in the wrong position.

To decide whether the Kindle Fire is the best solution for your particular needs you really need to review both the positive and negative comments. A little time spent doing so can reveal any serious defects but will also give you an idea of how some customers are using the Kindle Reader.

Here Are The Features That Seem To Attract So Much Positive Reaction.

The 7" color touch-screen has technology that would appear to compare with the iPad. Customers state that the screen colors are vibrant and with an extra wide viewing angle it is a breeze to share your screen with a companion.

The user friendly interface and Kindle touch screen will be appreciated by those who want to quickly began to enjoy all the media that can be downloaded without spending time learning how to navigate a complicated system. This is pretty close to a “turn on and watch find what you want” interface without any complicated interactions needed.

Customers also appreciate the quick reaction web browsing available because of the dual-core processor featured in the Kindle. In addition it's size allows the user to comfortablyKindle Fire Support Both Public and Private Wi-FiCredit: Amazonfind just what they are searching for with one hand operation. Quickly read your email, sing along with your favorite artist, while away time with a favorite movie or spend quiet time with a book.

While The Kindle Fire Has All This Going For It How Could There Be Any Negative Reviews?

Lets review some of the issues mentioned in the one star Kindle reviews.

Battery life seems to be one of the common complaints. Some customers do not like to recharge their units every other day. Any user who has had experience with an iPad 2 or possibly a Xoom would probably notice this sooner than those that have only used the Amazon Kindle.

While the compact size of the Kindle Fire is much appreciated some users take issue because it is smaller than other models. They have found that if they are not careful they accidentally turn the pages.

Size is always going to be an issue with any computer product. One customers  extra wide screen is seen as a blessing while others would complain that it is too large to fit in a particular back pack or possibly it is so heavy it is uncomfortable to use. However you should note all of these comments in order to find the best product for your needs.

You should take note of the negative comments regarding memory if this is an important issue with you. While many owners are completely happy with the cloud feature, they note that if they are in an area where they can not access the cloud they find the memory storage lacking. This is the type of issue you need to research if you find that you travel a lot and may not have access to the cloud feature.

Some of the negative comments took issue with the location of the power button. It is located next to the power plug and they mentioned that they could accidentally turn off the reader.

Email text format appears to be a problem with some customers and they are also unhappy because they cannot view their email in a landscape position.

Would You Purchase The Kindle?

Would these negative issues keep you from purchasing a new Kindle? Only you can Kindle Fire Is User FriendlyCredit: Amazonmake that decision based on your review of both the positive and negative customer Kindle reviews. These customer comments are on of the best reasons to visit Amazon whether you purchase from them or purchase locally you will not find this much customer interaction elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier the positive comments, over 11,000 as this is written, and just over 2,000 negative comments, would indicate that there is wide customer satisfaction with the device. While reviewing the negative comments be sure to decide whether they refer to a serious problem or just a feature that the customer finds lacking.

Customers appear to appreciate the discount price available on Amazon for a unit that has so many positive features. Customers always appreciate the return policies that Amazon offers and can rest assured that they will do their best to make sure their customers are satisfied.

Customers also raved about the ability to download 100 books in just minutes. They had good things to say about the browser which Amazon has named Silk and found that accessing wi-fi was simple and compares with the iPad 2. 

Earlier we brought attention to the complaints from some Kindle Fire users that the unit was too small while others praised the size because is was so comfortable to use with one hand. Gives you a small indication of what keeps electronic designers awake at night. 

Are You Considering Kindle Prime?

Have you have been trying to decide whether you should get the Amazon Prime membership? It allows you to stream over 10,000 movies and TV shows, find an unlimited supply of downloadable books in the Kindle Lending library and receive other benefits such as upgraded shipping on purchased items. If so then the 30 day free trial that you receive with your new Kindle Fire will be a welcome addition.

 Well there you have it. The good and the not so good. Is the Kindle Fire the right unit for you? Only you can decide. Stop by the Amazon Kindle site and check the latest discount prices, review both the positive and negative customer comments and then you should be in a position to know if the Kindle is the one you need. Be sure to stop back to Amazon and add your Kindle review.