Kindle Fire

 The Kindle Fire HD tablet was released onto the UK market on 25th October 2012, with the 8.9" version released in March 2013 at the same time the product was reduced in price in the US.  This page is not about the technical specifications of the device, it shows you how to get free apps and games as well as hints on obscure features. I have discovered several hidden functions and downloads that have made my Kindle my must-have tool for business and pleasure.

The 7" model, from Amazon, is one of the most sophisticated touch screen tablets on the market and is perfect for watching films, playing games and social networking. At 254 ppi the 8.9 inch KFHD falls just short of the new iPad with 264 ppi but so good as to be unnoticeable.

My Android device, with a highly modified Amazon interface for reading books and streaming movies via Its online store can also be used to browse the internet and play games. Amazon Prime in the UK currently does not include movie streaming which you need to do through LoveFilm. Get Flash Player and you can also watch YouTube and other sites requiring flash plugin. This is only compatible with the Dolphin Browser which can also be downloaded below.

I think this is a very real rival to the iPad with a host of cool features and possibilities. It is being sold by Amazon at less than cost price. The 7 inch device fits easily in the palm of your hand for comfortable use. It is a highly capable machine, perhaps the best 7 inch device available. Amazon are selling this at a loss to tie you into future purchases from the App site. It's priority is to sell as many Kindles as it makes to the most enthusiastic buyers of content. This is the reason why you may struggle to interact with third party content. 

On this page you will learn how to Install Android Apps from other websites and find out all the tips and tricks to make full use of this tablet computer. You will not need to root your device or perform complicated actions, it's just a case of click and download. There are hidden features on the KFHD which are very simple to initiate and are detailed here.

Everything on this page I have done on my own device. I can now watch live TV, watch the latest US shows, watch BBC iPlayer abroad, download movies and access third party content. Options for streaming and downloading your favourite movies and shows even when not connected to the internet include Flixster and youTube downloader. The Kindle Fire HD also has a video recording capability which although not great is a good to know and is accessed via a secret menu.



Kindle Fire Features

First off a very simple, if obscure trick, probably familiar to some. If you want to take a screen shot with your Kindle Fire. All you need to do is depress the power off button and volume down button at the same time. Both need to be depressed for over a second and it can be a bit tricky to get the timing right. However you will see a flash and the image appear when you have successfully completed the operation.

The next thing to do is download n App called ES file explorer. You can search for this in the App store on the Kindle itself. This App makes it easier to navigate your Kindle. This App will be very useful as you become familiar with the KFHD capabilities. We will use this App later on.

You have probably already found the settings menu.  To access it, swipe down from the top of the screen. From here you can set up and monitor wireless connections as well as brightness and volume settings. The "locked" icon is for your screen rotation. Locking it will prevent the display from changing from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. Very handy if you are using the Kindle lying down in bed!

Click on the "more" tab for user settings, most of which are self explanatory. Do click on devices and enable installation of Apps from unknown sources as this allows you to download third party apps which gives you access to more content on the web. You can also check you battery here, adjust your settings and add bluetooth devices such as a keyboard. 

Password settings, parental controls and available storage can all be accessed on the settings menu.

Dolphin Browser and Flash

Dolphin cannot be downloaded to the Kindle Fire from the Amazon App store and you will also need an older version in order to support Flash. Download Dolphin from 1mobile and install. The Dolphin icon should install to the Kindle carousel. You can check the download using the ES file manager.

Now that you have installed Dolphin you can get Flash which will improve your browsing experience. Use this link Flash Download and select Android 4 version. Click to save to you device. When the download is complete you can check that it is working by visiting YouTube or Catch up TV using the Dolphin browser. Catch up TV works fine using Dolphin.

Camera and video function

Taking a photo with your Kindle Fire can be done by selecting the photo tab on the Fire and then clicking the camera icon on the next menu. The Kindle has an inbuilt video recording feature but this is actually hidden from the user. To access it you need to go into the es file manager. Enter settings menu by pressing the three horizontal lines inside a square icon at the side or bottom of your screen. Choose the Manager option and then the application manager option, you may get presented with a third choice menu which you need to select the system applications option. You will now see icons for all of hour system apps, one of which is the camera. Choosing this now will enable the video recording device to function. Its not great quality and it can only be accessed from the es program but its an extra feature which means your Kindles video camera is not just for the in-built Skype App


Watch you movie collection on the by setting up a Flixster account. Flixster enables you to own a digital copy of any DVD pack that you purchase which comes with an ULTRAVIOLET or Digital Copy redemption code. You can set up a Flixster account on any computer and then redeem the code that came with the DVD or Blu-ray. You now own a digital copy of the movie and can watch it on almost any device including the iPad, iPhone and of course the Kindle Fire. You can stream the movie or download it to your device. A typical movie is around 650 mb on the KFHD and takes about twenty minutes to download.

The Flixster App can be downloaded from the Amazon App store. Once downloaded you can open the App and sign in with your existing ID. When you sign in you will see your movies that have been purchased. You have the option to download the movie to your Kindle Fire, when you want to watch the movie you just need to open the Flixster app. You can also get a free movie by adding ten films to your to watch list.

Downloading the Flash Player and Dolphin browser as detailed above should also enable the YouTube downloader to function properly. This can be downloaded straight from the Amazon Store. To get the YouTube downloader App, search for "youtube downloader" directly from the Apps feature on the device. With this App you can now download any YouTube video onto your KFHD to watch later. You will find many films and TV episodes on YouTube, use the search tab to find the video you want to download and long click on it to begin the download. Watch the downloaded content direct from the app to ensure the video is stable and doesn't crash.

Top 1mobile apps for Kindle Fire


Here are the best apps for the Kindle Fire that I have found in the 1mobile app store and downloaded to my Kindle Fire HD for free.
  • eBay-Easily list your items using your Kindle Fire
  • Tunnel bear-free 1.5 GB per month VPN
  • Google Chrome-Better browsing on Kindle Fire and the only browser that allows you to edit Squidoo lenses
  • Cand Crush Saga-now you can join the current craze with your Kindle Fire
  • The Economist-read Editors highlights each week for free
  • VPN One click-limited free trial but stable viewing
  • Sleeps til Christmas-Android app

Bluetooth function on the Kindle Fire allows you to add wireless devices to the Amazon tablet. A wireless keyboard will allow you to use the Kindle Fire for more than just reading books. Adding a wireless keyboard to the Kindle Fire HD will allow you to create letters, documents and articles using the KFHD easily and in comfort. With a wireless keyboard you can work in a position that you find comfortable.

Amazon sell a range of wireless keyboards but it is very hard to find a bluetooth keyboard that is advertised as compatible with the Fire.  The one that I use cost less than a tenner at Amazon and is also compatible with the iPad and iPhone.