Amazon Kindle Fire Versus the Glorious Apple iPad - Who Wins?

Are the Two Gadgets Even Comparable?

Which is better, the Kindle Fire or the ipad? The whole debate of Kindle Fire vs the iPad is well under way. Both items are heavy hitters, yet both owe their birth from two very seperate niches. While both are tablets, the Kindle comes more from an ereader standpoint while the iPad is marketed more as a hipper version of the laptop that allows you to download iPhone-like apps.

Of course with the new installment of the Kindle Fire, Amazon has taken leaps and bounds with their technology to keep it right up there with the other tablets on the marketplace. So how do they really compare?

I will come right out and say it, this is not a review that is going to tell you which one you need to get. Both of these products are absolutely awesome. A lot of their features overlap with each other, but each holds their own as well in particular areas.

With that said, let us dig in, shall we? I will describe both products and give my personal conclusion at the end. Go ahead and skip to the end if you are wanting to hear my own personal take on this whole tablet debate.

How Does the Kindle Fire Hold Up?

The first thing that stands out about Amazon's Kindle Fire vs iPad is the price. Whereas the extremey popular Apple tablet goes for anywhere between $499-829, you can get the new Amazon tablet for a cheap $199. A pretty sweet deal.

The tablet sports a 7 inch touchscreenmade of a durable glass that shows fantastic picture clarity. It also operates with over 15,000 apps currently in their market place - using the Android app market place of course. The content source is Amazon itself, so you have no worries there. Amazon has a lot of great options and will probably continue adding more options as they grow themselves in the tablet computing niche.

Though the Amazon Kindle Fire sports an 8 hour battery life, that is only a half hour more in comparison to Apple's iPad 2. At a capacty of only 8 gigabytes you won't be storing a whole lot of big files on it either. Especially because it does not allow for expanadable storage space.

However, if you plan on using this fancy new tablet for mainly reading ebooks from say the Kindle store - storage will never be of any concern to you. Usually the Kindle store ebooks are relatively small files so you will be able to fit hundreds of books easily onto your tablet computing device without any worries.

The Apple iPad 2 Juggernaut

Now the iPad 2, Apples crowned jewel, is somewhat of a different beast. Whereas their competitor sports a 7 inch screen, iPad 2 sports a good 9.7 sized screen. It is a little heavier, but the screen real estate really is worth it for movie watching and internet browsing.

Whereas the Amazon computer tablet is more built for books, Apple's is built for content consumption in all things related to the internet. This is a huge difference between the two and should be noted. If you are planning on using your tablet for mainly movie watching, music and browsing the internet - then the iPad 2 is your champion.

Obviously Amazon's device can have wifi and does have Amazon's Silk web browser, it is lacking any 3G connection whatsoever. Putting it at a vast disadvantage to the iPad's 3g network capabilities. Of course with Apple's tablet you are looking at paying a much heftier price, but you get more bang for your buck too.

The lowest storage size for the iPad is a whopping 16 gigabytes, that is more than double the Amazon Kindle Fire. Also you will get access to the IOS App Store that contains over 90,000+ apps currently for sell or free download.

Hell, they even got a Kindle App you can download to buy ebooks from the Kindle Store for your Apple tablet!

Also if you are in a camera-like-mood, you can use Apple's device to take pictures. The tablet sports a camera both on its front and on its back allowing for convenient snapshots. Not to mention a plethora of fun photosho-esque-like apps you can download to waste countless hours with.

Conclusion of the Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple's iPad 2

As I said at the start of my article, I am not going to tell you one is flatout better than the other. They both serve their purposes to their different niche markets. For someone who is looking for a more casual device mainly meant to read ebooks on, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a natural choice.

For the more hardcore internet user, it is hands down the iPad 2 for you. The 3g network and the app store is just too much to overlook when it comes right down to it.

Both of them are great machines. If I had to pick only one, it would be the iPad 2 alas. The reasoning being the higher storage space, the 3g network capabilities, and larger screen real estate for when I am watching movies. Also the fact that you can turn the iPad 2 into a mobile computer is extremely appealing to me as a writer.

I have many friends who never even use their laptops anymore, instead they write all of their homework, communicate with their friends and maintain their online lives solely from their iPad 2. And probably from the soon-to-come iPad 3.

The Amazon Kindle Fire has a hard-to-beat price however. At $199, it is affordable for almost anyone to get it and get in on the growing tablet trend. Again you have to ask yourself, how hardcore of an internet user are you and what are your intentions?

In the contest of the Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, I tend to favor Apple. Depending on what you want though, it could just as easily be the other way around.