At first glance a Kindle Fire review will report a stunning full-color 7" touchscreen, ultra fast web browsing and easy access to books, movies, TV shows, apps, games and music.  

Delve a little deeper and its portability, easy-to-use interface and free cloud storage for all your Amazon content shows the Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire, is a great device at an amazing price.

Best utilized to browse the web and consume Amazon content such as books, magazines, music, movies and apps, this device provides the following Kindle Fire specs:

Simple, light and easy to use    Kindle Fire(101587)Credit:

The 7" full color touchscreen offers brilliant viewing of your favorite TV shows, movies, magazines, children's books and comics. And, at just under 15 ounces, the Kindle Fire is light, highly portable and able to be held on one hand.     

Ultra fast web browsing  

Amazon Silk is a cloud-accelerated browser that leverages the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services cloud - all designed to give you the fasted web browsing possible.    

Kindle Fire Processor  

The Kindle Fire features a fast and powerful dual-core processor for best performance.  This allows you to read books or surf the web while simultaneously downloading videos or streaming music. 

Free cloud storage for all of your Amazon content

Never run out of room as the Kindle Fire gives you free storage for all your Amazon digital content in the Amazon Cloud. Your books, movies, music and apps are available instantly to stream or download for free, at a touch of your finger.

Kindle Fire games

Enjoy the best games, tested on the Kindle Fire for the best experience possible, including crowd favorites such as Words with Friends, Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies.

Kindle eReader  

Like all Kindle devices, the Kindle Fire can be used as an e-reader. And, with millions of free out-of-copyright titles and thousands of free Kindle ebooks published daily, not to mention more than 800,000 Kindle ebooks priced at less than $9.99, you’ll never run out of a good books to read.

Whilst the e-ink technology of the Kindle would be preferred for sustained periods of reading, the backlit display allows reading at night without the need for an additional light.     

Customize your device

The wide range of Kindle Fire cases and Kindle Fire accessories allow you to customize your device to suit your personality. You can add the latest leather covers, cases, designer covers or skins - the opportunities are almost endless.      

Kindle Fire specs at a glance    

Connectivity - Wi-Fi

Products - download millions of movies, TV shows, apps, songs, books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, games and documents to get started today  Kindle Fire GamesCredit:

Web access - Amazon silk cloud accelerated browser

Display -7" vibrant color IPS

Battery life - 8 hours continuous reading

Storage - 8GB on the device

Dimensions - 7.5" x 4.7" x 0.45"

Weight - 14.6 ounces          

The Kindle Fire reviews are in  

With thousands of five-star Kindle Fire reviews on Amazon, join the scores of happy customers saying things like "I love my Kindle Fire" and "great product, should have gotten it sooner."

Where do I buy a Kindle Fire?

For speedy delivery and great service, check out the Amazon store to compare prices and start enjoying the benefits today.

The people have spoken. The Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire provides the best option at the right price for streaming music, video, books, magazines, TV shows, games and apps.