The new Kindle Global Wireless electronic book reader is the thinnest of all the Kindles to date. It has a 6" screen and is very thin measuring slightly larger than 1/3 of an inch thick. The Kindle Global weighs in at 10.2 ounces which Amazon points out, is lighter than your average paperback. It has a 2 Gig internal storage capacity that can hold up to 1500 books at one time. This newest offering is off white in color and has a smooth looking interface with rounded soft touch buttons.

The Kindle features lightning fast downloads of books in just 60 seconds or less with no personal computer required. The 3G wireless allows you to download the books right from your Kindle. There are no annual contracts to fuss with and no other monthly fees to be paid out. The 3G network coverage spans over one hundred countries, unlike the old Kindle which was for a US customer base only. You are sure to be able to download your favorite books where ever you live or may be traveling to around the world.

Aside from being able to download books, Kindle also offers the ability to download your favorite newspaper or magazine, providing you have a paid subscription to them.

A couple of exciting features of the Kindle Global Wireless are an increased battery life which gives you the ability to read for up to one week with out recharging your battery. This is a substantial improvement over the old batteries which only lasted about 4 days. The battery charges in 4 hours with the supplied US power adapter or can be charged from your computer with the supplied USB 2.0 cable.

The Kindle now has the ability to display PDF documents so you can take all your personal and professional PDF's with you to be read while you are traveling. Gone are the days of emailing your documents to your PC so you could read them.

There is one new experimental feature to tell you about, its the Read-to-Me text to speech feature. Your new Kindle Global Wireless can read your favorite newspaper, magazines or blogs to you out loud, that is unless the owner of the work you are reading does not allow this feature. This is sure to be a great benefit for those with limited or no eyesight.

With all the advanced features found on the Kindle Global Wireless electronic book reader, potential customers outside the United States or international travelers will have every incentive to buy this newest offering from