There are quite a number of features and shortcuts that a lot of people just don't seem to know about their Kindle. This is the reason why I whipped up this real quick guide that will tell you some of the neat things you can do with it.


Text to Speech

Some eBooks put a block on this feature for reasons that I will never understand. So if your Kindle refuses to start reading to you then you probably have purchased one that doesn't allow you to use it. The Kindles text to speech feature is surprisingly good as well, so this is probably why some authors block the feature for fear of it hurting their audio book sales. Anyways here are some of the shortcuts you should know


  • Up arrow (AKA Shift) + Sym = Starts or shuts off Text to speech
  • Space bar while Text to Speech is on = Pause. Simply press again to resume
  • Pretty the (Aa) button to gain access to a menu in which you can adjust the size of text, speed of text to speech, and also the voice it uses! This is a very handy menu.




If you ever picked up a book read it somewhat then got the Kindle version and need to flip through ALL THOSE PAGES. Or simply wanna know how to place a quick bookmark for future reference make sure you read these shortcuts.



  • Alt + B = Toggle Bookmark
  • Alt + 0 (Number Zero) = Turns on/off the slide show feature, I haven't found a way to adjust the time spent on a single page, but you can adjust the font size to get it to be about what you can read in the time frame it gives you.
  • Alt + 1 = Start Slide show
  • Alt + 2 = Stop Slide show
  • Alt + PageForward or PageBackward = Chunk the book forward by 1/20th of the book. This is very useful for finding you place in a book again without flipping page by page.



Audio Player

The audio player is a nice touch to the Kindle, while not the best audio player out there keeping a few songs on it in case of boredom is a good idea. Now for some nice shortcuts that will make your music more enjoyable!


  • Alt + F = Next Song
  • Alt + Space = Play/Stop



These commands for the browser aren't so much useful all the time as they are cool. Unless you are traveling then I can see how some of these could be pretty darn useful, I am sure you will see what I mean in a minute. All you have to do is have the browser open and then you can use these shortcuts.


  • Alt + 1 = Show current location within Google Maps
  • Alt + 2 = Find nearby gas stations
  • Alt + 3 = Find Restaurants that are nearby
  • Alt + 5 = Find custom keyword nearby



Global Shortcuts

Finally the least used, yet most useful to know keys that just might help you out. The refresh screen combination is very useful if your screen is Ghosting so keep that in mind. Also if your Kindle is acting funny a simple reboot may be all it needs, without a power switch exactly placed on the device most users don't even know how to do this, but you will!


  • Alt + G = Refresh Screen
  • Alt + Shift + R = Reboot Kindle
  • Alt + Shift + . = Restart GUI and show serial number. Haven't found a use for this yet, perhaps support asks you to use it?
  • Alt + Shift + G = Screen Shot


Organizing your Kindle


Alright so now that you know or have written down some of those interesting shortcuts now it is time for you to learn how to organize your Kindle to better find the books you want. If you purchase most of your books from Amazon themselves then most of these things are done for you, however if you buy them straight from the publisher, or say you buy independent books in ebook format then its usually just a bunch of text and you have to do the sorting yourself. That is where a wonderful program called Calibre comes in. It will allow you to make a library, place them into a series or add a cover image ETC. It is a wonderful program with a LOT of potential. It also has plenty of well done tutorials there so make sure to check them out.