Things are definitely becoming a little tougher when it comes to marketing Kindle books. A couple of years ago, you could just put your book up, leave it forget about it, and the money would start rolling in. Authors are still successful, but it is only those who work on their books. You don't need to put as much effort into this as you would a brand new website, however a little love is required.

The reason that you have to work at this so much more these days is because of the competition and just the fact that there are so many Kindle publishers out there. In the past, if you were trying to write a book on budgeting or debt, you would have a good chance of finding your way to the top of the rankings. However, these days, you have to be more selective when choosing topics, for example.

Amazon makes it easier for the user to market their book in the beginning by providing keyword tags as well as a lot of categories that you can choose from. 

This is not just about writing the book and then finding websites to link to. You have to play around with your prices. You have to get reviews. You have to look at your covers and see where you can improve. You can also update your book, which is always a good idea. This is all part of the marketing process.

Keep on experimenting with this. You may find that you are going to suddenly sell a lot more books if you just change the category you are in or you add in a couple of different keywords.

The Kindle Marketing Strategy

  • When you decide you want your book to go free, then start planning at least a week before you submit to free sites. Some sites insist that you have a certain amount of reviews and others need to have even more time than that.
  • Have a website and other social media, dedicated to your new adventure. You should also find out about your author page and write something about yourself. You can add all of your books here and this will give you a nice boost. Keep on updating your website. If you don't have time to do full blog posts, then just add your books.
  • There are various Kindle forums that you can participate in and you can learn from these at the same time. Facebook marketing, for example can get expensive, but if you head off to certain places, you can find a free way to do this.
  • Some people believe in building a website for every book that they bring out. There are lots of free places which are just as good as domains that you have to pay for. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this. You can even use one of the popular writing sites, which already gets traffic. You could also upload something to YouTube and add this on.
  • Building up a list of emails is also something that is very effective and you will start to create relationships with your readers in this way. Every time a new book comes out, just send them an email.
  • Reviews are definitely going to help you. This is one of the first things people look at. This is hard work, but once you get about five or so, they will start to flow in more easily. 

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Paid Sites

Be careful of these before you rush into advertising. There are a lot of sites that won't charge you a lot of money, but you have to know if it is going to be beneficial. The site may not be getting any traffic at all and this will be a waste of money. It is better to find out what the traffic is like, who they target and take it from there. You will probably pay more per submission, but it will work out the same because you won't need to do as many.

You may get impatient in the beginning - this is natural. Just keep on writing!

Online Publishing Questions and Answers

Probably the number one question coming from indie publishers is where do they actually start, followed by, "am I going to make money?"

So, here are a couple of more helpful Q&A

Q: Where do I start?

A: Have a look at the guidelines and help files, presented by the Kindle Direct Publishing site. Find out what is offered to you, such as the select program. Then go to other places like Smashwords and see what they have to offer. What is the difference? What are the benefits? Ask other people about their experiences. You will find out exactly what format your manuscript needs to be in.

Q: How much money will I make?

A:It is normal to ask something like this, because you don't want to go to all of that work and find that it has been a waste. However, if you don't try you won't know. You just have to plan ahead and get all the facts before you dive into it. There are people who make hundreds of dollars in the first month and then there are those that only make $20. The person who makes next to nothing in the early stages, often turns out to be the better writer. It just so happens that their marketing skills are not quite there yet.

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Q:What about basic costs

A:One of the reason why more people are going this route is the cost factor, so you are definitely saving money. When somebody tells you that this is completely free, that is not entirely true, unless you want to come out with a really bad job. There are few people who are jack of all trades.

Of course, you can learn, but you are going to become frustrated if you try and design your cover, format your eBook and get into marketing all at once. You will probably want to give up. Have a look around for good deals, but you still want descent service at the time. The first book is going to cost you a little more, but after that your eBook publishing adventures will not be as pricey. You may want to spend a little more on learning how to market an ebook

Q:What do I write about?

A:You would think that if you want to write a book, you have an idea floating around in your head. However, many publishers realize that there are lots of options to weigh up. Of course, you should write about what you know and what you love, but you should also use your head and do the research.

Final thought:

Keep on reading authoritative type blogs where well respected authors and marketers talk about both publishing successes and failures. You can never stop learning!

Resources - How to Market an ebook

Kindleboards - a lot of authors here share great advice. It is definitely worth a visit if you are stuck with something like formatting or marketing. Actually, just about anything is discussed so come here and shoot your questions to the writers.

Author Marketing Club - this is a place for self publishers to gather. You can find out a lot more here by having a look at webinars and various other tools. You will learn a lot from their resources and from the members, and there are great techniques for people who want to know mor about how to market a new ebook online.

Goodreads- Lots of helpful advice and tools for authors, which will erase doubt in your mind. "Can you sell an ebook?" - yes, it is very possible!