Introducing the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader
Kindle Paperwhite e-reader device, is an e-ink display technology tablet from the Amazon that has, since presented, the ultimate and the perfect reading experience. Kindle Paperwhite is the kind of an e reader that has revolutionized the reading culture and set a benchmark for its predecessor in the e-reader world. Actually, this is the best and the ultimate e-reader that any reading enthusiasts must acquire. The Kindle Paperwhite is such that it is light in weight and slim in size and has a front light and a high response-captivating touch screen, presented to everyone interested in a captivating screen and the best e-reader device in the market. From the efficiency to the effectiveness of the Kindle Paperwhite this is definitely a stand out device.  I love this device.The Kindle PaperwhiteCredit:

What Features the Kindle Paperwhite has
Kindle Paperwhite features a front light that illuminates the screen and is easy on the eyes plus this light can be moderated as you see fit, from brightness to a dim light; you are therefore able to read on the bed at night or anywhere without having to light the whole room. The control and navigation on this device proves to be very easy as this gadget is supported by a high response capacitive touch screen sensor. It can light up a room. This has made this device the most pleasant way to navigate an e-reader.  You actually feel the difference when making any changes on any of the settings such as wifi settings or when using it’s on-screen keyboard. Furthermore, the screen texts are sharp and quite noticeable while you are able to change the screen fonts within from large to small to make then more readable.  This is boosted by the PPI boost feature that can range from 169 to 212. These concepts are however an added advantage to this device. Its predecessors had an old pearl screen that was pixilated and degraded, as you turned on the pages. That is until the display flashes to refresh after every 5 pages, which is however less pronounced in this device.

With a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, you are presented with numerous details and information. This is boosted by its efficiency and their cloud tab libraries that are connected to the Amazon online book store to which you can buy a book online and latter on send it directly to the Kindle.  It will show up immediately and you will be able to browse it then. In addition, this device is such that its screen and the light sort of performs together as single mega benefit, which makes the light feels just like part of the display and enables the reader to feel more or less, like he or she is literally reading from a real paper and with natural light.

Of course, Kindle Paperwhite is absolutely a great e-reader, having a superb screen quality, with an easy to use front light plus its high response capacitive controls supports it space in the e-reader market and the best choice anyway at the most favorable price in the market ranging from about $119 to $179 (See my Amazon Module below to order this great device). The Kindle PaperwhiteCredit: is a great value relative to its outstanding numerous features and specifications. The Kindle Paperwhite has specifications of  a6 inch 212 PPI ink at a dimension of 169 mm x 117 mm x 9.1 mm. There is a storage capacity of 2GB and 1.25 GB for other user content.  It has a weight of 221 grams for the 3G version and 212grams for the standard version. These specifications supports the device to present to the user magnificent features and efficient usability such as the following:

1.The device has an unsurpassed resolution capacity with 62% more pixel providing an exceptionally sharp and clear text and images complemented with its stunning contrast thus displaying a sharp, crisp and a dark text against the brilliant white background to offer the best reading platform. Moreover, the Paperwhite has an innovative built in light that reduces eye to screen fatigue.

2.The battery life of this Kindle Paperwhite is normally uncompromised to which it can last for the longest time possible with a single charge lasting up to 8 weeks per half an hour reading.  That is when the wifi is off and the light setting fixed at 10. Again its light is automated through power control feature such that the light comes on when convenient to you. This enables one to read in either environment and at any time.

3. The device has a built in Wi-Fi to which therefore you are able to connect easily to internet or to a wifi hotspot thus enabling you to a quick and convenient access to online books from the Amazon stores. This online feature presents the user with the capability and accessibility of enormous and unlimited number of books. The Kindle Paperwhite can hold up to 1,100 book at a time. 

4. This revolutionary e-reader device is light in weight, at only about 7.5 ounces and a slim in size about a 1/3 an inch which is thinner than a pencil. These features ensures portability and can be read almost anywhere at any time.

5. Of course, as a reader enthusiast, this device was designed with you in mind, due to the fact that it is able to give you idea for your favorite books, explore and displays for you all the pages in the specific book, chapters and some relevant ideas.  You can customize the Paperwhite texts to suit your preference and taste for a comfortable reading. Again you can add your own notes to the texts, edit and highlight as you wish through the bookmark and annotations features.  You are also able to share information from you Kindle even without leaving the page to getting information from your kindle counterparts.

6. Kindle Paperwhite can personalize your reading speed and be able to inform you on the approximate time line that it will take to finish a book.  The whisper sync technological feature enables you to synchronize and remember for you your last page, bookmarks, and annotations.   Later on you can pick from that point. Other added features that this electronic device includes a built in dictionary with an instant look up.  It has an instant translation features.  It has Wikipedia and the web search features.  This device also gives you a lot of features not to mention support children books and your documents carrier as well.


The Kindle PaperwhiteCredit:


I have tried to describe the Kindle Paperwhite the best I could based on specification.  You can tell I really like the light.  This light is so bright I use it to look for things in the dark.  I am still in that enthusiastic stage of having my Kindle Paperwhite.  Please let me know what you think. I hope to write an update to this article in one year from now.  The new will have worn off and I am sure the features will still make me excited. 


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