The digital revolution is an exciting one especially for aspiring writers, as they do not have to beg and plead with a publisher to invest money in printing their book for the public’s consumption. This means that we can produce digital copies of books for no additional cost and give the beginners a real chance to shine. If you so happen to be one of these people who are looking at catching a break and getting some work from a book you want to publish or just supplementing your income with this novel you have been writing. I will try and give you a few tips for how you can get it ready for mass consumption through the Kindle marketplace.


Proof Read Three Times

Yes that is three times. These can be different people, in fact this is better, but it should be done at least three times. A few errors in your book will be fine to most customers but every other page having something that breaks immersion such as a misspelled word or poorly constructed sentence will really irritate people so this is a must if you want them to be repeat customers and give your book the word of mouth it needs.


That doesn't end there though, also take input from your customers if they find an error then fix it up and re-submit it to Amazon and they will make sure everyone gets your revised edition. That's also a major advantage to everything being digital!


Give Away Free Copies!

Since no one probably knows who you are, consider giving out a few copies to various sites such as There are plenty of sites like this so make sure to search around a bit first.


This is wonderful publicity for two reasons, they submit the reviews to multiple sites or even their own depending on where you go. So you get an opinion on your book right away and also get some publicity that might just sell copies of your book for years to come. This is a worthwhile investment for the most part.


Take Criticism

Perhaps that ending could have used some work? Anything your readers say take to heart. Now the readers don't always know whats best for them such as saying “Oh she shouldn't have died she was my favorite character!” that's just your story progressing. However, take it to heart anyways. Think if you could have done something better. Could you have captured their attention better then hit them with a curve ball? Hind site is 20/20 but if you are planning a second novel then you can use this to learn some lessons on what to and not to do.