Since my recent purchase of the Amazon Kindle 3 I have been reading more than when I just read regular books. Part of this is because all I have to carry around is my electronic book reader but it contains much more than just one text. Therefore it really is quite like a portable library. If you are thinking about getting one of these devices there are only three different models to choose from: the 6" Kindle with Wi-fi; the 6" Kindle with 3G and Wi-Fi; larger 9.7" Kindle DX. My experience is only with the smaller sized Kindle with the 3G and Wi-Fi capability. In actual fact I am yet to use the Wi-Fi functionality because I have only used the 3G network, Wispernet, to download and access the internet.
Kindle comparison
Overall, I am very happy with my new electronic reader so I decided to write this Kindle 3 review to help you decide whether you should purchase one of these devices or not. The thing is, I cannot offer any kind of comparison between other devices such as the Nook. This is because the only one that I have first hand experience of is the Amazon Kindle. And if I am honest, I cannot see myself buying another brand simply because the Kindle 3 does everything that I want. As a quick aside, I love Apple products but I have no interest in the iPad. What is it for? Technically it seems an amazing product but how do you use it? With the Kindle, it is sold as an electronic book reader and this is its primary function. It does have a web browser but it is not all that user friendly. Although, if I want to go on the internet, I will use a computer. What I am trying to say is that I love the fact that Amazon did not try to cram too many features into this device. All I want it for is to read books. It satisfies this need very well.

Reading with the new Kindle 3 is really easy. It is light weight and the whiteness, or rather greyness of the screen, contrasts well with the electronic ink. In sunlight the contrast actually gets better so it can be read both indoors and out. What is important is that there is an external source of light. It is weird to think that an electronic device does not have a screen like a computer. Until I got my own Kindle, I could not really imagine exactly what this meant. But it is funny if you are reading at night and turn out the light. The only thing you can see on the Kindle is its power light. It is impossible to read anything written on the screen.

If you have done much research and have read any other Kindle reviews then you probably already know that there is a huge library of out of copyright books that Kindle owners are able to download for free. This is the feature that persuaded me to get a Kindle. Since I got my electronic reader at the end of August, I have not purchased a single book. However I have downloaded about ten and have read quite a few, for free. One slightly negative thing I can say about this system is that I am yet to figure out how to browse only the out of copyright titles. If you know what you want, e.g. do a search for "Dracula" it is easy to find that title and download it. But if you do not know exactly what you want and would like to do some window shopping before you download, the only solution I have found is to go to the Amazon webiste, using a computer, and search the titles that way. I suppose this would be possible using the Kindle browser, but as I mentioned earlier, it is not very good.

Overall though, even though I have this slight usability issue, as far as just reading books is concerned, the Kindle 3 performs very well. I was not sure if getting the 3G ability would be worth it but upon reflection I think that it was. It cost me an extra $50 over the Kindle 3 that only has Wi-Fi. But there are not monthly fees to use the Whispernet network and I now have the freedom to download books at any time from where ever I am in the world. I hope this genuine Kindle 3 review has been of some use. If you enjoy reading, you will love the Kindle.