Do you need to read another Kindle Touch review to decide if this is best ebook reader for you?

With a simple to use touch screen and the most advanced e-ink technology yet, the Kindle Touch provides all the benefits you love from the Kindle, at the tip of your fingers.  

Kindle Touch(100705)Credit: all new Kindle Touch is light and compact and it's easy reach, touch technology lets you seamlessly read with one hand, turning pages with a tap, rather than having to swipe.  

There are thousands of Kindle Touch reviews online from happy customers and thousands of five star reviews on the Amazon store. The latest reviews say: "the Kindle touch screen is very responsive", "the virtual keyboard is easy to use" and it is "a solid successor to the Kindle keyboard". 

It comes with the most advanced e-ink touch screen technology

With no glare, even in direct sunlight, this ebook reader’s e-ink display makes reading by the pool or on the beach a dream. And the Kindle touch screen is simple to use, too, allowing you to turn pages, add notes and shop for new books in half the time it takes on other devices. 

The all new Kindle Touch provides text to speech, audiobook and mp3 support      

If viewing a product that supports this feature, the Kindle touch can read books, magazines, blogs and newspapers out loud to you.  You can also choose to download from over 60,000 audio books from Audible dot com and listen to these on your Kindle Touch, some narrated by your favourite authors and celebrities.   

Just add Amazon Kindle Ebooks 

With storage for up to 3,000 books, PDFs and personal documents, it is unlikely you will ever run out of books again.   

Cost effective

With many books priced from as low as $0.99 – not to mention the millions of out-of-copyright titles and thousands of free Kindle ebooks published daily through the Amazon store – the touch-screen Kindle is a cost effective way to gain access to more content that you could possibly ever get to read.

Also, with over 800,000 kindle ebooks priced at less than $9.99, including this season's best sellers, Kindle ebooks are almost always cheaper than the hard copy.  

It comes with free Wi-Fi 

The Kindle Touch allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks at home or on the road.  Think of a book, access the Kindle store and download it in 60 seconds.  

The experimental browser allows you to check emails, Facebook or Twitter from the Kindle Touch in a Wi-Fi zone without paying a monthly service fee - the perfect way to touch base when other network options aren’t available.  

 As an added bonus, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. for shopping and downloading Kindle content — no AT&T registration, sign-in or password required. 

How long will the Kindle Touch battery life last?

Based on an average use of 30 minutes a day, one charge and usage with the wireless-connection turned off, the Kindle Touch should last up to two months.  This will vary with the amount of Wi-Fi usage including shopping at the Kindle store, browsing the Internet and downloading new content, of course, but this is one electronic product you won't need to charge very often.    

Customize your device

Add gel skins, leather cases, sleeves, designer covers or reading lights to personalize your new Kindle with the latest in Kindle covers and Kindle accessories.  

Kindle Touch specifications at a glance    

Connectivity -  Wi-Fi 
Products - download millions of books, magazines, Kindle Touch(100713)Credit:, audiobooks, games and documents to get started today
Web access - experimental browser
Display - 6" E-ink
Battery life - 2 months
Storage - up to 3,000 books
Dimensions - 6.8" x 4.7" x 0.40"
Weight - 7.5 ounces    

 Where do I buy a Kindle?

For speedy delivery and great service check out the Amazon store to compare prices and start enjoying the ebook reader of choice today.  

The Kindle is Amazon's number-one selling product and the best ebook reader on the market. With a simple to use touch screen, storage for and access to more books and material than you could ever need and Wi-Fi on the go, the Kindle Touch reviews confirm the touch screen Kindle is a worthy upgrade from other Kindles and a great gift idea.