Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Kindle Wireless Reading Device - The Newest Kid on the Block

The kindle wireless reading device is on pace to be one of the most popular amazon products of the year. The newest available version of this ebook reader device is touted as being smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessors, allowing e-reader enthusiasts to enjoy up to 80 full sized books in one convenient and easy-to-read device. As before, the kindle is available in two different flavors regarding its ability to connect to the web to purchase and download new content: the lighter version of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device , price-wise, has full WiFi capability, allowing its users to connect to unsecured public networks or private home networks, but does not offer a solution for downloading new content from the road. This cheaper version of the ebook reader device, in exchange for this slightly lesser flexibility, comes with a lower price tag of $139. This makes it an ideal choice as a gift for someone who mostly reads at home, where they have a wireless network already set up.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device - The Big Brother eBook Reader Device

If you spend a lot of time traveling between WiFi hotspots, or you simply want the option to grab a new e-book from basically anywhere, the beefier version of the ebook reader device is probably worth the investment. This bigger version of the kindle wireless reading device comes with a slightly steeper cost, weighing in at $189, but it more than justifies its increased price tag with its access-anywhere capabilities. The larger kindle wireless reading device makes it possible for a user to download a new ebook from pratically anywhere - it uses the popular 3G network in order to accomplish this. Best of all, the larger ebook reader device doesn't come with any hidden or monthly costs related to this capability.

Once you've bought your Kindle Wireless Reading Device, you can simply use this 3G service to download content you've purchased, wherever and whenever you want! This is a major plus and makes it a lot easier to have uninterrupted access to fresh ebook content when you're on the go and moving from state to state. It's almost certainly worth the added cost if you can afford it - since you'll never have to fuss with getting online in a difficult situation. Considering that many airports, which turn out to be places of major ebook reader device usage, only offer pay-per-use wireless networks, often require you to submit your credit card information and take a big hit of a charge just to get online for a few hours, you can see how a few extra bucks will pay off in a long-term improvement of your overall kindle wireless reading device experience.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device - Recent Improvements to the Entire Line-Up

Meanwhile, the most recent generation of ebook reader device has received global tweaks and improvements to polish the overall ebook reader experience. Some important changes include improved contrast, which helps letters to stand out better on the electronic page. Additionally, the kindle wireless reading device has been given quieter side buttons to advance pages or go back a page - something likely to be appreciated by those who spend a lot of time around avid ebook reader device users.