The hot new product that's connecting people back to books.


Wow is this thing ever picking up !   Kindle is THE #1 bestseller on and has the more 5-star reviews than any other product.  Not surprising considering all the advertisements Amazon has put up to promote this device.  So does it really stand up to all the hype ? 

The Kindle 3

Well since the release of the first generation Kindle in November 2007, the device has changed drastically.  Now up to Kindle 3, the people have had a chance to put their comments and listened.  Then Kindle 3 is the first of it's kin I buy and I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase.  I bought it online about a month and a half ago and haven't had a single glitch or anything bad to say about it.

I was also attracted to the environmental aspect of buying such a unit.  No more paper means a lot more trees and God knows we need to keep this world greener. 

The Battery:  Up to 1 month on a single charge !  I'm not kidding.  I've never even heard of that kind of battery life on a device of that size.  Since I bought this unit, I've charged it twice.  Apple could take some notes from Amazon, my iPhone needs get recharged every day.

Screen quality:  The special ''electronic ink'' screen is so easy on the eyes.  I typically get migraines when i read for too long on a screen, but with the kindle, my eyes just don't squint so much.  There is practically no glare either, so you can go outside without having to read past the reflection of your own face !

Wireless costs:  Free.  No monthly bills, or any hassles, like modern GPS all the wireless connections are completely paid for.

Internal space:  3, 500 books.  Gone are the days of killing off half a forest to complete your book collection.

Library:  over 650,000 books available for download.  That doesn't include news paper subscriptions and


There are loads of other bonuses, such as built-in dictionary, instant Wikipedia access,  bookmarks, image zoom, screen rotation, font style and size options, to name a few.  The only complains I ever heard from other friends is that it's a tad expensive.  Nothing new here.  People always find everything too expensive, but think of the price of a book these days.  For the price of a couple of books, you have access to thousands without having to lug them around all the time.

All this to say, I will make more articles on this product because I love it and hope you'll take my word (and the word of millions of other buyers) and try this thing out.  Finish reading that list of ''must read'' books you've been holding on for years !