How Does the Kobo Stack Up Against the Kindle?

The Kobo is a relatively new eReader to hit the market and does a good join and stacking up to the Amazon's ever popular Kindle. So we will need to go deep into the comparisons to get a good understanding of their individual shortcomings that they suffer from.


Color Selection

The Kindle has three colors; White, black, and graphite. While the Kobo has; Blue, Lilac, Silver, Black. Sadly there is no white option for Kobo but graphite and black are pretty close so the Kobo definitely has a better color selection, but this is usually not a big deal for most people.


3G Option?

The Kobo has no option for a 3G version so you will not be able to get books no matter where you are unlike the 3G model of Kindle. This is a large step down if you ask me as the ability to get a book or at least download a few demo's is a very big deal for me. Although if you primarily think you will be using it at home then maybe you can neglect this and simply compare it with the Wifi Kindle in which they are both the same.


Use Library Books

The Kobo luckily supports downloading library books right out of the box, however the Kindle has been updated recently to support this as well. It took a little while for them to get this function in there, so they both do it so no big deal here.


Device Size

They are both so close to the same size they are literally millimeters apart in width and the screen size is exactly the same. Although the weight on the Kobo is a whole 2 ounces less, which is fine but under 10 ounces its pretty hard to tell the difference.


Storage Space

The Kobo can hold 1,000 books out of the box but also has an expandable storage slot so you can isert a microSD card. This will expand it up to 30,000 with a 32GB card, which I assume is the max it will read. The Kindle holds 3,500 out of the box without any expandable storage being possible. Anything over 1,000 books though is just getting too high for me so I put very little weight on this because I can't even think of 1,000 books I want to read or would keep on my device at one time. I know there will probably be at least one person who this will be a big deal, but not this guy.


Battery Life

The Kobo has a whopping 1 Month battery life. This is wonderful except the Kindle has a 2 month average battery life. One month is long enough for me and most other people, however this definitely plays into the favor of the Kindle, just in case you forget to charge it there is no way it will die on you.



The average price for the Kobo is on average of $73, with the Kindle being anywhere from $79 - $139. I think this is the biggest deciding factor though in the debate is the price.



They are practically the same device when you get right down to it. They have a few things on each other but the Kobo is definitely a little bit cheaper, especially if you can find a vendor selling for under the regular price. However if it was me I would still purchase my Kindle again with the 3G functionality. If that isn't important to you, then maybe the Kobo will be your best bet.