With a range of cheap e-ink ereaders, affordable tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and even the more expensive iPad devices growing in popularity, it is clear that the options and features available in the search for the best ereader are better than ever before.


When deciding which ebook reader you should buy there are a number of considerations you need to understand in comparing the Kindle versus iPad.


While it is clear from any iPad review that the iPad offers a lot more than just an ereader service, the Kindle vs iPad debate continues.


Do you want to do more with your device than just reading?Kindle Touch(100713)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kun530/6725139803/sizes/s/in/photostream/

The Kindle is the best ebook reader on the market for its size, portability, ability to read outdoors and with one hand and its price. Whilst the iPad does come with its own ereader in the form of iBooks, the Kindle app for the iPad is excellent also.  


Where the iPad comes into its own is it's multitude of other features; it's apps, games and ability to create and store content means that this device rises above if you are looking for much more than just a way to carry your library of books around.


Whilst the Kindle does provide basic web browsing through its experimental browser, this cannot be compared to the functionality of the full Safari browser on the iPad.  


Is size and weight important important?

Most likely yes if you are wanting to take your book on the train, to the beach, in your bag. At only 6 ounces, the new Kindle is incredibly light compared to the iPad's 23 ounces. This makes it much easier to take it with you for anywhere reading on the go.


E-ink or color screen? Ipad readerCredit: www.amazon.com

The e-ink screen in a Kindle review certainly has its benefits. It reads like paper so it's easy on the eyes, with no glare even in direct sunlight.  You’ll be able to enjoy your Kindle anywhere you enjoyed your old hard copy or paper-back book. 


The iPad's color screen may be great for browsing the web, looking at photos and watching the latest movies and TV shows, however the glare on the screen may frustrate you on a summer's day when you get the urge to read outside. 


Are you after a touch screen device? 

It doesnt really matter but the Kindle Touch or the iPad can have you turning the page with a touch of the screen however there is also the option for simple click button page turning with the new Kindle and the Kindle Keyboard 3G


3G or Wi-Fi connectivity?

Kindle or iPad Wi-Fi devices are a good choice if you already have a wireless internet connection set up in your home and you do not foresee the need for the added convenience of a 3G connection. 3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go. If you do not have Wi-Fi set up in your home, Kindle or iPad 3G may be a better option.   


What the reviews say - Kindle vs iPad  

"The Kindle 3 is ingeniously designed to be everything the iPad will never be: small, light and inexpensive… Now, the Kindle is almost ridiculously lightweight; at 8.5 ounces, it’s a third the weight of the iPad. That’s a big deal for a machine that you want to hold in your hands for hours... certain facts are unassailable: that the new Kindle offers the best E Ink screen, the fastest page turns, the smallest, lightest, thinnest body and the lowest price tag of any e-reader. It’s also the most refined and comfortable." â€’ New York Times     


"Amazon's newest Kindle is the best ebook-reading device on the market. It's better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the various Sony readers, and certainly better than any smartphone… It's still black-and-white, but really, that's for the best. The screen almost glows outdoors. In comparison to the iPad, which turns into a pretty but useless mirror in sunlight, the Kindle only gets more readable. This is a gadget that loves the beach… It's razor-thin and feels great in the hand, small and light enough to hold comfortably for as long as you care to read (unlike the 1.5-pound, 10-inch iPad)." â€’ Fast Company   


So when comparing the Kindle vs iPad you have seen there are factors to consider in terms of size, functionality and price. If you are after the best ereader at the best price then the Kindle is likely to be your preference; now you only have to decide which Kindle to buy.