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I love to perform random acts of kindness, but for some reason, during the fall and winter, I lost my inspiration for a unique and fun way to be compassionate to others. My mom is my cohort on these expeditions of kindness, and she sent me a text last weekend asking when we were going to do something kind. It felt like I was blowing the dust off the cover of a book I loved, but hadn’t read in years. I responded that I would think about while I was at work, and that I would get back to her in the evening with an idea.UmbrellaCredit: Self

I always take a walk on my morning break if it’s not raining, and unfortunately that day the heavens were leaking profusely. As I looked out on the soggy day, I wished I had brought an umbrella, and that’s when the coolest idea hit me, why not leave an umbrella weighed down with a sweet treat in a park where someone could find it and put it to good use?

My mom was totally on board with my idea, and we started looking for umbrellas to complete the project. Now I’m not a tightwad, but I was shocked at the sticker price of the plainest looking umbrellas at the stores we visited. Unwilling to pay the inflated price, we decided to put the other pieces together first.

I went online and found a free template of labels to use as a note card for the note of kindness. I took a picture to get approval from my mom, and she loved them. She in turn found  and purchased two bags of Hersey kisses we needed to weigh down the umbrellas. We set the weekend as the perfect time to put our plan in motion, but we still needed two umbrellas.

Over the past week, my mom had mentioned one final store she wanted to check for the elusive umbrellas. We entered the store with nervous anticipation, but we were quickly set at ease when we stumbled upon a display of reasonably priced umbrellas, and bonus the print on the fabric was hearts. We selected a pink and a blue one and paid for them at the register.curlsCredit: self

We lost no time in finding a local park to put our sweet treasure because the clouds above were threatening to shower us. We tied the candy and sign to open umbrella and walked into the park. A teenage couple was sitting at one of the picnic tables near the entrance, and my mother gave me a sly grin and said, “I’m going to give them one.”

They gaped in surprise and asked her why she was giving them an umbrella with candy. I laughed and said that we just wanted to be nice. They had matching grins as we made our way further into the park. We found a hidden alcove with a table where we deposited our final gift. I snapped a few pictures as a memento of the occasion, and on the way back to my car, we were already starting to plan a new random act of kindness.