The New Kinect Has Extended the Life of the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console has been a favorite source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. With Microsoft coming out with its newer version of the console, gaming has become a more fun experience that you can enjoy while still playing all your favorite Xbox 360 games with your friends and family. A few of these features include, built-in Wifi N, 5 USB ports and a slim console design with side vents. You will be able to satisfy your gaming desires with the help of the features that the new Xbox 360 4GB console will have to offer you.

Built In Wifi N           

A feature of this console is something that all gamers will find more convenient. The Xbox 360 Console now comes with built-in Wifi N. Gamers will be satisfied with this not only because it’s built into the Xbox 360, but it’s connection is also 12x faster that Wifi G (used as a separate wireless networking adapter attachment in previous Xbox consoles) which makes for much better game quality and prevents lag during gameplay. Your online gaming will require no router or no modem so you can start playing on Xbox live instantly with no wires deal with. Along with better quality, Wifi N also automatically means you have Xbox Live connection no matter where you are so you can bring all your games with you and still be able to continue wherever you left off in any location. Wifi N provides you with a faster connection to Xbox Live where you can stream videos, watch TV or even download games in 1080p with 5.1 surround sound capability from anywhere in your home.

The Kinect Capabilities           

Something new that Microsoft introduced to the Xbox 360 is the new online Kinect. With Xbox Kinect, you don’t need a controller, which gives you the capability to play Kinect games, stream videos in HD all with the control of you hand motion. It’s a new way of entertainment and you can explore new games in ways that you could never imagine! Kinect gets you off the couch and getting active with a variety of games that make you move around and work for your reward. The new technology mirrors your entire body, tracks every movement that you make and applies it to the game with accuracy so there is very little delay even though this technology is brand new, making it a very effective accessory to add to your Xbox 360 console. The accessory itself hooks up wirelessly to your Xbox 360 so just set it on top of your console, sign yourself in by simply stepping in front of the sensor and you will be gaming in to time. Kinect Adventures also comes with the appliance as you jump, dodge, move and kick your way through various courses with different surroundings making each game its own unique work of art. With you as the controller, being on top of your game is now much easier when all you have to focus on is what you physically do to make progress in a game or be able to navigate through you Xbox Live dashboard or even on Netflix.

More Ports  for Greater Flexibility         

Another incredible feature of the Xbox 360 is that it comes with more ports. The Xbox 360 console comes with 5 USB ports. When you compare that to the last version of the Xbox console, which has 3 USB ports, then it’s easy to see that you have more options as to what you can connect to your Xbox, whether it’s charging your controller, managing memory capacity with a flash drive and much more. With two ports in the front and two in the back, your options will expand and it will become easier to plug in and start playing. The Xbox 360 still comes with a standard Ethernet port so you can connect your Xbox 360 with other ones and be able to play with you friends while they are still on theirs. A standard HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output port is also on the console so you can hook you Xbox 360 up to your TV and has 1080p quality for everything you see along with clear sound quality. There is also an additional optical audio out port so you can hook up your speakers to hear the booming sound from you entertainment center or you can plug in your headset and be able to hear your video game without disturbing those around you.

 Pushing the Console Envelope          

The Xbox 360 has been transformed into a better console, overall. It comes in a new sleek design that is smaller than previous versions, making it more compact and easier to take with you to other places. The new console also comes with side vents that prevent the console from overheating, giving you much more time to play and less time to deal with having to cool your Xbox 360 or having to find a way to keep it cooled down. What is a major advancement with the new console is that there will be no more RROD (Red Rings Of Death). Internal problems have been solved and the new technology used for this latest version gives the console the capability to last longer without needing to be repaired or replaced.


The new Xbox 360 console with Kinect has so much to offer to gamers around the world with its advancements in technology like the built in Wifi, the extra USB ports and the redesigned console. Gamers will also be able to fully appreciate the new Kinect accessory and the new gaming experience that comes with it. The next generation of gaming has now been introduced to you so don’t hesitate to go out and get a new Xbox 360 console with Kinect for yourself and for others to enjoy. It’s an experience that has impacted technology to this day and will continue to bring out new ideas in the future so experience the full effect for yourselves right now and don’t miss out!