If you're looking for information on Kinect wall mounts, you've probably come to the horrible realisation that your room is just way too small for your Kinect to work effectively. What can you do? Well, personally I moved somewhere with a bigger room, but that might be seen as a bit drastic. The next best option is to invest in a Kinect wall mount.

How does a Kinect wall mount help?

The Kinect works by tracking various points on your body. Therefore it needs to actually be able to "see" your entire body. The closer you stand to the Kinect sensor, the less of you it can "see", which is why you need a certain amount of space in which to play. Obviously, this amount increases with the number of players.

Xbox 360 Kinect Wall Mount(44230)The Official Xbox 360 Kinect Wall MountCredit: Amazon can especially improve things if your TV is not wall-mounted. In this situation, chances are the TV is a foot or more away from the wall. Placing the Kinect sensor in front or on top of the TV is not making the most of your space, whereas mounting it on the wall behind the TV can give you that all-important couple of extra feet.

Since the Kinect sensor is able to angle itself for best effect, mounting it fairly high up on the wall (Kinect itself suggests close to eye level) increases the distance between it and you while still allowing it to adjust and see your feet.

Perfect, as long as you don't mind the sensation of the sensor staring at you.

Other benefits of  a Kinect wall mount

For a start, those of you with children will know the frustration of having everything you own covered in sticky fingerprints, if not knocked over. Mounting your Kinect sensor high on the wall means it's conveniently out of reach of inquisitive hands.

You can also use this as a "tripod mount" and attach the sensor to a camera tripod. Although perhaps not the most common usage, this could come in handy if you prefer the ability to move the sensor around the room or to a friend's house.

If you're particularly tall, you may have run into the problem of your room being large enough for others, but not for you (my fiance could never fit his head and feet into the sensor range at the same time!). The Kinect wall mount will help in the exact same way as for those with small rooms, by adding extra play space.

All in all this is a great product for under $15. The difference it makes to your play experience could be huge and make the investment in a Kinect as worthwhile as possible. There are of course various unofficial mounts available, though the decent products tend to be around the same price (or more!) than the official one so accept no imitations!