You Don't Have To Be an Olympic Athlete To Use Kinesio Tape

Chances are you first saw athletes at the Beijing Olympic games wearing funny colored tape all over their bodies. If like most people, you wondered what the deal was. If you were like me, you figured it was either a fashion statement of some sort or you thought it might be some sort of super secret material to give the participants an advantage. Well, as it turns out that tape is called Kinesio tape and its creator claims that it does help athletes perform better. Is it all hype or does Kinesio tape really help athletes perform at a high level? I'll share what I know and you can form your own opinion.

Kinesio tape has actually been around for over 25 years. It was invented by a Chiropractor and acupuncturist in Japan named Dr. Kenzo Kase. Kase says the colorful tape helps reduce pain in muscles. He also states that the elastic tape does not hinder the movements of the person wearing it.

I first noticed the tape being worn in the Beijing Olympics by Beach volleyball players. However, I did read an article that stated that Sumo Wrestlers were the first to show up with the tape strapped to certain areas of the body. Now it seems it has caught on big time and nearly every athlete that has skin showing has some type of the tape on. Kase has stated that the company has seen a surge in sales since the last Olympics. Some figures put the climb in sales as much as 300%!

Does Kinesio Tape Really Work?

That's what most people want to know. Does it really do what it says it does? Kinesio tape is said to work by "microscopically lifting skin and channeling moisture away from the muscle" according to Kase.

To be honest, the jury is still out on whether it works or not. Even Dr. Kase has stated that scientific proof isn't there yet. Some doctors in Sports Medicine has said that it probably gives the athletes more of a physiological edge than anything else.

An edge is an edge in the Sports world. If it makes the competitor think that their muscles are actually performing at their utmost, then that can be as good as any real edge with scientific proof!

While the scientific proof may still be elusive, many of the athletes in the Olympic games obviously feel it does enhance their performance. Will scientific proof be found one day? Who knows. Alternative medicines have put egg on the face of more than one detractor in the course of history!