King Arthur: The role-playing Wargame is a title that lives up to its name. It has taken elements of games such as Total War and mixed them with a great RPG/story-telling PC game. As expected you take control of King Arthur and his realm after he has pulled Excalibur from the stone and lead him and his knights on to expand your realm. As of writing there aren’t any King Arthur walkthroughs online, so I have collected some hints and tips here that should help you out.

One of the traditional RPG elements that King Arthur: The role-playing wargame has is a alignment chart - Pagan vs Christian and rightful vs tyrant. A simple bit of advice is to not stick to the middle of the road. You need to decide which pair you are going with from the start. I say this because the longer you stick with them the more bonuses you get.

When playing you need to keep in mind that the two elements of the game - the war for the realm and the story of king Arthur. If you neglect either the wars at hand or the quests and objectives that you get then you will be in for a hard time. This is especially true for the Lady of the Lake and the stronghold quests.

However it is often the case that you won’t be able to finish them all. Sometimes a quest will require a large army and you just won’t be able to spare one. I wouldn’t get too stressed about finishing them all. Just make sure you do the ones that seem important. And remember that the choices you make on quests can easily influence your alignments.

Before charging into combat you need to keep in mind your troop types and the terrain that you choose. Heavy units are bad in forests but lighter units might get cut down on plains. Combat is often determined by the powers of your knights so you should make sure that you have several in an army (two to three) with the leader having a high leadership. Combat is also quite expensive - it could cost you a years income to replenish your army after a nasty fight. Have a surplus on hand just in case this happens. You will also find that sometimes you will come up against an army that is much higher level then yours - don’t be intimidated the game does that to compensate for AI. There is a good chance that you can take it on.

During battle it is good to get one or two calvary units to capture outlying victory locations. Get the main body of your army, mostly foot-soldiers with 5 or so archers, to take on their army. When your calvary is done bring them back to the fight by attacking the flank. Killing enemy archers is a must; I normally do this with my own archers. While you are fighting remember to use the knights powers - they make all the difference.

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