Are you ready for Christmas? I'm sure like me, you are also excited of this most special day. Each year we celebrate this occasion with out family, friends and love ones but the question is are you ready? Are you ready with gifts your goddaughter and godsons, niece and nephew? Well here is a gift that your godson's and nephew's will surely love however these toys are not only ideal for children but also for those who are kids at hearts and to those who has passion over cars and tanks enthusiasts.

I'm sure you've heard about remote control cars or remote control tanks, since these toys have been around in the market for a while. Many are considering buying remote control toys or Remote Control toys as Christmas gifts but what kind of Remote Control toys should you choose? Have you heard about the 1/4 scale King Tiger? It is a private offering of a remote controlled tank model that is considered to be the largest RC tank available today with its 8 feet (2.4 m) long, 1/4 because it is 1/4 of its original size. It is the radio control in the form of a tank legendary King Tiger from Germany.

The length of this King Tiger tank is 1.8 meter when measured from the muzzle weapons and contain a width of almost 1 meter or 98 cm. For it's weight, it weighs 250 kg. This tank also encompasses the same details as with the original one, where even the top of the tanks is twisted like the real thing.

With the King tiger's angular lines, high velocity 88mm gun and immense size it is without doubt the most impressive tank from World War II (WWII). When operating this tank to it's full capacity it's a very difficult tank to beat especially if you were in a Sherman tank. With its wide tracks it is a lot more maneuverable than at first thought and it could traverse places that narrower tracked tanks could not. For a King tiger to perform the best of it needs a very good driver. King tiger was extremely well engineered but much too complicated and time consuming to build in the large numbers needed. But for tank enthusiasts it was already good for them that tanks like them were created as they now make very impressive models.

However, this King tiger tank is not only big in size but as well as with it's price. It's quit expensive for middle class individual thus not may people own this kind of Remote Control tank. But, don't lose hope since there are lots of kinds of Remote Control tanks available in the market at a much lesser price than this one though they are smaller, like the 1/35 scale and 1/24 scale offering.