Nothing could be better than jumping into a comforting king size bedding set after a hard day's work. Not only as comforters, but these sets also add to the aesthetic appeal of bedroom.

King size bed in a bag sets include all the bedding requirements of a bed right from sheets to comforters, pillowcases, and other things. These are well coordinated in color and you do not have to pick each of these individually to match each other. King size bedding sets come in seven item packages with all items required for the bed to 3 - 4 items packages that have basic items like bed sheet and cushion cases.

Bedding sets should match the interior of your bedroom. The colors should be eye pleasing. Too bright colors might not suit your mood when you are looking to relax, while too dull colors will undermine your energy level.

King bedding comes in a variety of designs, patterns, styles and color schemes. Some bedding sets have a single color theme while others might have two or more complementary colors used in them. Apart from the appeal, it needs to be in harmony with the room interior. Nothing should look out of place.

The sets come in various fabrics like cotton, suede, flannel, satin, silk, etc. Suede, satin and silk cost far more than cotton bedding. The choice of fabric will also depend on the kind of climate you live in. If it is hot, then you might choose a fabric that does not induce heat, while if you live in cold climate, you will choose something that keeps you warm. Also, silk and satin offer slippery feeling, which some people do not find comfortable.

Though there are several high-end brands out there, yet you can hit it economical without even compromising with quality and choice as there is enough variety available in the market. While purchasing bedding set, you need to take durability into account as well. If the bedding material is cheap but not durable, then it will cost you more in long term though the present impact on pocket will be low. Apart form the fabric, cost of king size bedding sets also depends on the thread counts in the fabric. A lower thread count, say 100, should cost you cheaper while bedding with thread count of 500 will cost you more provided the material in both cases is same. Though bedding with thread count of around 400 is good enough and relaxing. Too much or too less thread count is not going to help you. You can read the thread count printed on the material of the bedding. For about $150, you can find a decent 7 piece set that will be more than sufficient for your bed.