Kingdom Hearts 3 has not entered the development cycle, but I am sure that a couple of ideas are circulating around the Square Enix round table. With that said, it is clear that the upcoming jrpg will be distinctly different from the previous releases.

Tetsuya Nomura himself even admitted to not having started development of the highly anticipated video game yet, though it is expected to start soon. So as for any leaked information regarding it is highly unlikel because the main story may not even be set in stone yet. However, it is known that Kingdom Hearts games have been released on multiple other consoles, including the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS alike. It is clear that some interest is being placed into these consoles, whether for sheer interest in innovation or possibly interest into a new audience

People are beginning to think that the latest Kingdom Hearts release will be on the Nintendo Wii. Simply because of the implied interest of the Nintendo consoles shown thus far. Kingdom Hearts 3 speculation is beginning to sprout across all of the internet once more. The only problem I can see happening with that is that people will definitely complain of the underpowered graphics that would thus be provided by the games. Kingdom Hearts, until now, has managed to have well made graphics for the time period and limitations that it was under. But now that we are in a newer generation, and the Wii has an underpowered graphics system, many fans would most likely be dismal about it being released on such an underpowered system. Two reasons that Square Enix may release a Kingdom Hearts game on the Nintendo Wii would be for the large fanbase that is already has and the motion controls available, which could allow for innovation.

Another thought is that each of the major three consoles will get their own specific release. That, or the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will get one major release into the franchise, and the Nintendo Wii will get their own specialized release as well. This is thought because the Ps3 and Xbox 360 have fairly similar graphical capabilities, while the Nintendo Wii has far less abilities, which would most likely mean a cruddy port. If this is what Square Enix plans on doing, then they are essentially going to have the best of both worlds, taking control of three major video game audiences.

There are many other possibilities for Kingdom Hearts III that are circulating around the internet. But Tetsuya Nomura hones such a creative mind, coupled with the creative minds at Square Enix as well, that Kingdom Hearts III seems to be an unpredictable release and experience to come.