Good News, Kingdom Rush is an awesome game, I play it on my ipad, and I just recently started playing it on my computer. The game is really a blast and is a lot more fun that the competing games. I really don’t like the tower defense games with the space theme and the grid system, where the enemies come in on a straight line and you feel like as much of a robot as they look like.

Another bug with tower defense games, and even strategy games like Plants Vs Zombies is that you can set up your defense, and then leave the computer screen, and then come back and you won. Once you set up you don’t need to make any changes, you have the winning formula. In Kingdom Rush, there is constantly the possibility that the enemy will break through your well defended lines, and you will lose. I think that is why my favorite upgrade tree in the game is the soldiers that you can lay down. Upgrade them all the way to when they are spear carrying anti-air menaces, and your going to have a good time.

The levels start out easy, get harder and there are even small tricks that certain levels will have. Unleashing the Squatch is fun, letting Legolas get after the giant spiders isn’t a bad time, and when you put it all together, the extras do make the game a whole lot better.

It is just nice to play a game that has the chance to beat me for once. To many games out there you can throw on easy, run through, and you just paid 5 bucks to apple for 15 minutes of rampaging. Kingdom Rush for me doesn’t have as much replay value as a Plants Vs Zombies, there are no mini games, you can replay the levels using specific tactics only, but that is just replaying the levels using different tactics, that isn’t a whole new level.

In the end, I would rate Kingdom Rush a top game on any platform. It is just a blast to play. It needs to come out on the xbox arcade, that is a game that I would re-buy on a different consol. 

Kingdom Rush Review