I have been playing Storm8 games on my phone for almost 2 years now.  I play Kingdoms Live, IMobsters, Ninjas Live, Racing Live, Vampires Live, Zombies Live and World War.  After playing these games and refining my strategy a few times I have figured out some of the best strategies for high wins and low losses.

There is nothing special in Kingdoms Live to give you any advantage over other players except time and stat points.  No land offers defense and no quest loot offers any advantage over store bought items.  With this in mind you can already determine the beginning of the strategy.  There is no reason to put stat points into Mana.  Mana is only used for doing quest and no quest offers any amount of money or any items that will benefit you in the long run.  Instead put your points into defense.  You also do not need to put points into your health.  Having high amounts of health is bad.  It allows more people to attack you.  I recommend you put 1 point into attack and 4 into defence out of every 5 points you get.

You need to add 3 people to your group.  This is to make sure you stay at the top of your bracket.  In the early levels you will only see people in your bracket range.  A bracket range is always 5 levels starting at 0.  So the first bracket is levels 0-4.  The follow bracket would be 5-9 then 10-14.  This means if you have a total of two people in your group, you will be fighting against people with 1,2,3 or 4 group members.  Someone with 4 group members will almost certainly beat someone with only 2 or 1 people in there group.  So make sure you have exact 4 people in your group.

Take your time and get some land.  Once you have some pieces of land don’t rush off and do missions and fight people.  Let your land build you some income.  Max out your army with 4 of each category of items with the best defense.  This makes it really hard some anyone your level and your bracket range to attack you.  After you have maxed your defense start to max your attack.  You will pretty much only die by people who have special items they bought using real money. 

At this point you should have 4 total people in your army.  You should have 4 of the highest defense items and 4 of the highest attack items for each category.  Now you can start slowly leveling up.  Only attack people that have 1 or 2 people in their army.  I recommend only attacking people with one unless you really have to.  The only mission I recommend doing is on the highlands tab.  The mission is called Trail Soldiers to Mountain Outpost.  This mission gives the highest experience per energy used.  This is the main way you will be leveling up until about level 35. 

Continue to pump all extra income into land and upgrade your gear each time it becomes available.  Sell your old gear for money and to reduce your income penalty.  If you start losing fights add a few more points into attack.  At level 70 I was sitting at around 56 attack, 156 defense, 20 mana, 100 health and 5 spirit.

You will want to slowly level.  I mean super slow.  You want to reach level 60 after about 6 months.  The closer you get to 60 you will need to add more to your army because the brackets begin to open up and you have people in  a bracket above you attacking.  I recommend getting 24 total army around level 50.

If you continue this method the whole way to the top you will have extremely low losses and high wins.  No one your level and bracket can win against you.  You have enough attack points plus your gear to attack people at the lower end of your bracket. 

After you reach level 100 you should have over 25,000,000 in income.  At this point you can max your army out and get all members the max gear.  Continue to kill people below your level or use the bounty board to kill people lower level than yourself.  Never attack people more than 2 times in a row.  If you do you have more of a chance of people putting you on the bounty boards.  Add a few points into spirit so that you can attack more often.  I wouldn’t recommend more than 10 total points. 

Adjust this strategy to what you are experiencing in Kingdoms Live.  If you are losing fights when you attack, then add a few points into attack.  Make sure you are the top of your bracket at all times and only attack people at the lower end of the bracket.  If you notice you are losing battle when being attacked and the person is your level and in your bracket then add more defense.