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Kingdoms of CamelotOne game that has stood out from the rest is Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook, commonly referred to as "KoC". Kingdoms takes you on an adventure to build a strong castle with a fledgeling economy, while prompting you to join alliances which provide teamwork, protection, and trade. With a healthy network of friends and alliance members, you will find all the support you need when gathering resources, upgrading structures, attacking, and defending. Upon entering the game, as a Lord or Lady, you will quickly choose your avatar picture followed by the name of your choice. Be creative! Once you've succeeded in creating a mighty name to conquer with, you'll be taken to your newly formed kingdom within an existing domain. A quick note about domains: there are different worlds, which allow you to build more than one kingdom. If you are just starting, it is strongly recommended to just stay put and learn in one world. Once you get past the entrance exam, you'll receive your very own castle, keep, and fields to cultivate. Pretty cool, huh? Definitely, but you've got work to do in order to be a powerful player in your domain!

Playing the Game

The gameplay is very simple. If you're not familiar with pc games, KoC offers a quick tutorial on how to play the game after you've completed your kingdom registration.

For those that are familiar with this style of game, you'll be able to start building your kingdom right away. The main purpose of the game is to gain "might." Might is gained by constantly building structures, gathering resources, attacking, and defending your kingdom. Initially, you will be able to gain might quickly as your structures and upgrade costs will be inexpensive. Plus, Kingdoms will give you additional might and rewards for completing quests! All of which help you move forward in the game and more importantly, to understand what is going on.

Based on a simple supply and demand concept, your kingdom will only grow if it has a supply of resources for example: gold, food, wood, stone, and ore. To collect these resources, you must stake out your available fields and send your labor force to work them. You are allowed to build farms for food, saw mills for wood, iron mines for ore, etc. Each structure that you build will begin producing given amounts of their specific resource each hour, based on the level of the building. Therefore, a farm upgraded to level 5 will yield more hourly production than a level 2 farm.

Once you have harnessed enough resources, you have the ability to build within your castle walls. There are a variety of structures you'll be allowed to build, each offering a certain service that will push you forward in the game. For instance, building a barracks will let you train troops for eventual war. Building an alchemy lab will let you research weapons upgrades. Of course, all of these building may be upgraded to provide higher levels of might!

Build, Build, Build, WAR!!!

Initially, new KoC players are given 4 days of guaranteed protection from other players. You may not attack, but you may also not be attacked! Therefore, the first 4 days of your Kingdoms of Camelot experience are essential to building up enough infrastructure and troops before you're outed from the "Mists of Avalon." From this point forward, you can attack or be attacked but tred lightly! If you attack a member of an alliance, you will become very hospitable to wave after wave of enemy armies. But don't fret! If you've made a mistake, most alliances will ask you to kindly withdraw your attack. Nor will you actually lose your castle or the game, if attacked. Defeat will cost you precious troops, resources and might; essentially turning the clock back on your progress.

The Best Feature

Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook has many great features, in particular, the alliance feature. Experienced players have learned quickly that joining an alliance and building a strong team can propel their might at a much faster rate than a player who decides to play it alone. Alliance members are allowed to "gift" resources to each other. They are also allowed to help build another member's structures, thus greatly reducing the build time. For example, a barracks might normally take 35 minutes to upgrade to a level 5. With the help of 5 alliance members, that build time might be reduced to 25 minutes!

If you are addicted to Facebook gaming and desire a chance to really make a difference, there is an alliance waiting for you in Kingdoms of Camelot!

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