Kipling bags are an interesting phenomenon, in terms of what our society defines as fashionable and what it classifies as outdated. Kipling is only one of the bags and purses designers who managed to shift the public taste from genuine leather to nylon, fabrics and plastic, without making these materials look cheap anymore, as any girl of the 80's would have thought.

Looking at the Kipling bags and mainly at the newest collections for 2009 such as G*rilla Girls, City and Rock Raven, we see that this is not our mothers' fashion anymore. My mom and my grandmother would have surely fainted if they were obliged to step out in the street wearing a bag that was not made of genuine leather, be it from cows, pigs, crocodiles or deers.

Apart from the collections, Kipling bags are classified according to their destination in handbags, backpacks, travel bags and working bags. A special category are the Kipling bags for moms with kids 0-12 years old, the new baby bags being extremely functional and large enough for moms to carry inside all things required when they take their little baby for a walk in the park or when they travel. Nursery bags are definitely the best way to get organized and find all items very quickly when needed. This matters a lot when you have an infant or a toddler who can cry loud and endlessly.

So, although most Kipling bags collections are made of other materials, there are three collections of leather bags: Thrill, Vintage Leather and Cathy Pill. One of my favorites is Jutta, a large bag from the Vintage Leather collection. I like it mainly because of its shape and size, which make possible accommodating A4 documents. Its two pen pockets are very useful, as they shorten the time needed to find a pen in the purse, operation which can take from as little as a few seconds to half a lifetime.

The Italian cow's leather with soft touch makes this Kipling bag, the Jutta, an elegant purse, despite its big size. The removable shoulder strap is an useful accessory for this weekender bag. However, for ladies who prefer smaller sizes, there's Charu, another bag from the same collection, made of the same high-quality leather and featuring lots of zipped pockets for all those small or not so small items such as mobile phones, iPods, lipsticks, napkins, credit cards, keys, more keys, even more keys, perfume bottles, tweezers and who knows what more a lady can carry with her hidden inside her purse.