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What do you get with Sentria?

  • It has a strong airflow system that uses HEPA filters ensuring maximum performance.
  • The system has high quality drive transmission that operating it needs no effort at all
  • With a lot of tools attached on it, you can convert it to a canister or upright vacuum
  • It has LED light that help you see even the dark corners of your house
  • Cleaning hard to reach areas is not a problem
  • Because of its great home cleaning system, it efficiently clean and eliminates dust and debris
  • It has also the ability to catch all those mite allergens from bedding
  • Polish your floors as you use it
  • Lifetime product warranty

Advantages of Kirby Vacuum Bags

  • Comes with HEPA filters
  • These bags are made to work with Kirby vacuums thus it will stay on place while you vacuum
  • Proven to hold more waste and dirts than the normal vacuum bags
  • Has the ability to eliminate unpleasant odor while you vacuum


Please be aware of the following disadvantages you may experience;

  • Most of the customers complain on the size and weight of the actual Kirby vacuum unit
  • The noise while using it is sometimes annoying
  • A lot of effort and energy is needed to operate it especially for elderly people
  • Hard to maneuver sometimes
  • Unprofessional distributors that are so pushy to make a sale

Full Review

Who doesnt know about Kirby Company and their Kirby vacuum? If you are thinking to buy one, you may one to read along and see if it will really fits your need.

Let me give you a brief background of the company. Kirby has been on the vacuum industry for around ninety years and their high technology home care system has been their primary flagship. They take pride on the quality of their vacuum and vacuum accessories like the Kirby vacuum bags. Their newest model is the Sentria system, which aims to reflect the Kirby company's mission on product quality. Their products are sold only trough their authorized distributors. Kirby started hiring invidual distributors that will perform in-house demonstrations where customers have the chance to see how Sentria functions. Of course, a customer may decline the offer with no hard feelings from the distributors. After all, a purchase depends on the success of the presentation and the actual quality of the item for sale.

You may be interested to know the advantages and disadvantages of Kirby Sentria vacuum and the Kirby vacuum bags. Please take note of the pros and cons I listed here and decide from there. Also, you dont wanna miss my final recommendation at the end of this post.

In Closing

As a final recommendation, it is always good to check the product features of any vacuum you are buying. Kirby may have a lot of good points but make a self check if you can bear all of its negative aspects. Also, you may opt to buy it if you are after with the quality of its performance. One thing I strongly suggest is not let persistent and convincing sales pitch of distributors affect your buying decision. In the end, you are the one who will suffer. If in any case you feel that Kirby vacuum and vacuum bags are for you, dont be upset . There are a lot of other choices such as Miele, Hoover and Panasonic. Panasonic vacuum bags are also popular in the market. Stay tuned for my next product review for these brands.