Kissing is the act of pressing one's lips against another's lips, body part, or object. A kiss may signify or mean something different depending upon the occasion and who is doing the kissing. It may also be seen as appropriate or inappropriate depending on the situation. Kissing is not usual among animals and is thought to be a gesture used only by humans.

Kiss of Love

Kissing between couples is common. It is used to express love and emotions. Romantic kissing is said to required intimacy; however, many lovers who cannot find time or place to be alone will kiss in public. This gesture is sometimes gaffed at by the public; however, these lovers consider themselves to be having a private moment because all that matters to them is the other person.

Kiss of Affection

A kiss does not have to express erotic feelings, but it may also express affection, such as a mother's kiss to her child. Kisses may be typical in families, between parents and children alike. This kiss of affection shows the receiver of the kiss that the receiver is important and loved by the giver of the kiss.

Kiss of Friendship

In some cultures, it is common that a kiss is used as a greeting between friends and acquaintances. The kiss of friendship may occur on the lips or on the cheek depending upon the people. In European cultures, kissing on the cheek is common among women and between men and women. Kissing between men is customary in some cultures.

Kiss of Respect

The kiss of respect is shown out of reverence. It is sometimes considered a holy act. Some people will kiss a cross or a Bible or a picture. In ancient times, a slave might kiss the feet of his master to show respect and gratitude.

Holy Kiss

During the Middle Ages, it was a custom that when enemies were reconciled to one another, the beginning of peace would be sealed with a kiss. The Bible also says that people should greet one another with a holy kiss. A kiss has also been found during church ceremonies at times, such as baptism, marriage, and confession.

Ways of Kissing

Just as there are different meanings to a kiss, there are also different ways to kiss. Some of these include the French kiss, the air kiss, the cheek kiss, and making out.