The KitchenAid Immersion Blender can be used either as a food processor, either as a blender so you don;t need to buy them both. As a cooking woman I can tell you that the space for storing cooking tools is very scarce and never enough. So having a tool, this time a blender, that can be used as a food processor also is very important.

It is easy to use with only one hand and can be used for all kinds of cooking recipes, like making smoothies, baby food, cutting potatoes or mix other solids or liquids. It penetrates deep into the solids and the blades are very strong so you can use it even for strong vegetables or fruits without worrying that it will broke.

The nice thing about KitchenAid Immersion blender is that it fits in your hand, not too big or small and is quite light, weighting only 2.9 pounds.

The thing that I didn't like is the 5 feet cord long. My kitchen is small so having it so long is disturbing me. Anyway is better than having it too small. Also it comes with 3 small lids where you can blend your ingredients easily. You can make very easily soups or juices with Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender and you don't need to put them in the food processor which is unpractical as they come big and takes a lot of space, plus the cleaning job after you finish.

If you really need an easy object to make quick dishes than this blender is quite good in saving you time and space. However, you will still need a food processor for making dough or cutting very hard vegetables.