The amount of garbage that is produced by the average household everyday is staggering equaling almost 4.5 pounds per day per person according to the EPA and that number seems to be increasing every year. One way to reduce the amount your family produces is to recycle another way is the use one of the handy Kitchen Aid trash compactors. Though they don't actually reduce the amount of trash Kitchen Aid trash compactors do reduce the amount of space the trash takes up by up to 80% and by doing so reduce the number of times you will have to take out your trash, sounds like a win win. If you have never considered a trash compactor read along to find out about some of the features and conveniences of owning one.


Architect K Series II Kitchen Aid Trash Compactors


Kitchen Aid Trash CompactorsKitchen Aid trash compactors are available in four model all under the Architect Series II name. The classic console freestanding convertible to built-in Architect K Series KFCK03ITWH is the least expensive model with an MSRP $729. This trash compactor has a 1.4 cubic foot capacity and a 5:1 compaction ratio, meaning it will compact five bags worth of trash to the size of one bag. It also has a continuous solid pack control; a feature that keeps the contents compacted at all times eliminating wasted space caused by trash expansion when released. Some might think that trash sitting around longer will produce unwanted smells but Kitchen Aid has the answer to this as well. With the Odor management system which consists of an odor control fan and a fragrance free charcoal filter. The KFCK03ITWH only comes in white, has an all welded steel construction with a zinc coated interior, side release bin, bag retainer buttons, adjustable front legs, and can be used as a freestanding unit or installed under a counter with the use of conversion kit number 9870118. The dimensions of all Kitchen Aid trash compactors are 34 1/2 inches high, 24 1/4 inches deep, and 15 inches wide. Electrical requirements include the use of a recommended separate circuit on a 15 or 20 amp breaker, be sure to fully read all manuals and instructions before instillation for all requirements.

Moving on the next model of Kitchen Aid trash compactors is the Architect K Series KUCK03ITBS and KUCK03ITBL. The only difference in these models from the first is that these are not freestanding they must be installed under a counter and the color options, the KUCK03IT comes in a black or black on stainless steel exterior. The price reflects this small difference with a MSRP on these models ranging from $729 to $779.


Architect S Series II Kitchen Aid Trash Compactors


The final two Kitchen Aid trash compactors are Architect S Series models. The KUCS03CTSS has an all stainless steel design or available in white and black. It is equipped with a scented odor management system. The Architect S Series model KUCS03FTSS is the sleekest looking of all the Kitchen Aid trash compactors. All controls are located at the bottom of unit giving it a clean look. It comes in stainless steel and panel ready which allows door panels to be attached directly the unit making it blend with the existing cabinets. The MSRP on these models ranges from $779 to $1099.


Where to Purchase Kitchen Aid Trash Compactors & Accessories


 Most of the Kitchen Aid trash compactors and accessories like compactor bags can be purchase at your local Lowe's, Best Buy, and Sears and any number of online retailers including To help find the cheapest price on the model of your choice try They show the best places to make purchases online giving you the price, shipping cost if any, and seller rating so that you can see how other people rate the company selling the merchandise.

On a side note all Kitchen Aid trash compactors use the same bags available in two different styles, 15 inch white plastic compactor bags and 15 inch paper compactor bags. These can be purchased in piece counts from 8 bags up to 180 bags ranging in price from 7.99 to $150.99.


Benefits of Kitchen Aid Trash Compactors

As you can see Kitchen Aid trash compactors are well built and very convenient to own. Not only do they reduce the amount of trash in your home they reduce the amount of space trash takes up in our land fills helping the environment. And the money saved by reducing the amount of trash bags and garbage pick up doesn't hurt either.