When choosing a kitchen backsplash for your newly remodeled home you have a wide variety of choices for the kitchen backsplash. You can find kitchen backsplashes made of a wide variety of materials including ceramic, metal, stone, brick, and veneer.

The most popular choices tend to be ceramic or metal. There is really no proper choice for a backsplash. All kitchen backsplashes tend to be very functional regardless of the type of material used. Most choices for a kitchen backsplash come down to looks and or budgetary concerns.

Ceramic Backsplashes

  • More color choices and patterns available
  • Easier to Keep Grease Free
  • Harder To Cut If Installing Yourself
  • More expensive in General than Metal
  • Less Durable than Metal backsplashes

Metal Backsplashes

  • Lower cost then Ceramic (Unless it is a copper backsplash)
  • More durable and longer lifespan then ceramic backsplashes

  • Not many patterns available

Metal Backsplashes Vs Ceramic Backsplashes

Metal is a popular choice, if it is made of stainless steel it is generally lower cost than any other type of backsplash material. If you buy a copper backsplash you will pay a premium, but a copper backsplash is absolutely gorgeous and will last for well over 30 years if properly cleaned.

Ceramic backsplashes are very popular. You can find inexpensive ceramic backsplashes as well as very expensive backsplashes. Ceramic backsplashes come in a wide rand of colors, patterns, and textures. If interior decoration is important to you then y0ou may choose to go with a ceramic kitchen backsplash because of the wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available. You can easily match any kitchens décor using the right ceramic backsplash.

Glass Backsplash Tiles

Rising in popularity is the glass tiled kitchen backsplashes. For some reason the popularity of glass backsplashes has began to be more popular with some home builders then both ceramic and metal combined.

Glass is generally harder to keep grease free but if you live in a mansion or luxury home you will have a housekeeper to clean your backsplash for you.

Deciding On a Kitchen Backsplash

When you need to buy a kitchen backsplash head down to Lowes, Home Depot, or any other home improvement store and take a look at the backsplashes they carry in stock. You can compare the styles, looks, materials as well as ask the stores employee's questions about particular backsplashes.

Even if you decide to order a backsplash online, you should still go too Lowes or Home Depot and look at the backsplashes. This will help you to visualize your kitchen project and to figure out what backsplash is both functional, easy to clean, as well as the way it will look in your kitchen.

Used Backsplashes

If a home in your area is undergoing renovation then speak with the construction workers and you may be able to buy their backsplash for pennies on the dollar. With a little modification you could have a backsplash installed in your kitchen for little to nothing if you are willing to use a used kitchen backsplash.