Designing a kitchen backsplash gives you the opportunity to fill a space behind the sink and kitchen faucet area with an eye-catching design that adds warmth,style and color to an otherwise boring kitchen.

A well thought out backsplash can instantly breath life into a dull and drab kitchen with just the contrasting change of color. If you want to create a beautiful kitchen backsplash then must consider the present design of you existing kitchen, the type of material that you'll want to use to create a backsplash and the amount of work involved.

Existing Kitchen And Materials To Use

The objective is to integrate the textures and elements that already exist in the kitchen and create a design that will complement the existing decor.

The first thing that you want to do is to take a look at your kitchen and it's fixtures. It You're satisfied with what you have, then you'll want your backsplash to match the theme of your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen has an antique or traditional theme, then choose a design with rough "Old World" materials such as pebbles or small stones in the image of a mosaic or a picture of a mural. However if you have a modern kitchen, then using smooth materials like ceramic, glass, tin as well as stainless steel are very popular

The backsplash color should blend in well to the accent colors in the counter-top. If your counter-top has lots of accent colors, choose just a few in your design. That way the backsplash does not fight with the counter-top for attention. Modern kitchen decor's can utilize a minimalist look that usually means single hole kitchen faucet fixtures. Some backsplash designs are an extension of the rest of the counter-top material

Creating a kitchen backsplash is fun to do, but the perfect backsplash is not a design of accident but it is a product of prior planning. Installing a tiled backsplash is similar to laying floor tile and you will need the same tools to do the job such as trowel,adhesive,sponge,drill and grout. Start with backer board as a even surface. Try to use mastic instead of mortar. Mastic is a specially formulated and ready to use adhesive that doesn't require mixing and is better than mortar at holding tile to a vertical surface
Layout a row of backsplash material to the measurements of the area where it goes and adjust the rows left or right so that the cut tile will be the same width on both ends.

Creating a backsplash is not a huge ordeal but the look that it can create in the kitchen is amazing. Get clues from your kitchen's present decor as to the right type of materials and colors to use. Installation can be fun and easy like floor tile. You can get great ideas of what possible online or visiting your favorite home remodeling store