Kitchen cabinet hardware is really one of the smaller accents in your room. However with all of the basic stone, tile, and wood designs out there this is the opportunity for you to really branch out into an entirely new design style.

Right now at everywhere from IKEA to Pottery Barn we are really seeing quite a lot of beautiful numbered designs. Typically this is painted on furniture or it's on linens. However, you can also find actual knobs with this trend. This can just be stainless in the shape of numbers for a modern look that's going to be totally different than most of the basic knobs that are out there right now in this silver tone. It also has a sense of whimsy.

You can also use the numbers in a more subtle way. This can be a basic round metal or wood knob with an etched design style. This also works well with more of the country kind of looks.

If you have a plain metal knob then there are all kinds of options if you just want to go with this in a beach room. You’ll need to go with more subtle shell designs. This can be in a pewter finish for more of a vintage style. The shape of sea urchins is really starting to come onto the design scene as well. Just go with more of a metal style so that it's not too cheesy.

You can also just choose kitchen cabinet hardware that's going to really match the overall theme of your room. This could be in more of a mercury glass design style. It can have a lot of subtle floral designs to it. This will be one of your more expensive options but mercury glass can be the entire theme for your whole room because these collections are so popular right now. If you need to work with a vintage style in a room with stainless steel appliances then mercury glass can really accomplish this for you.

Just plain silver knobs and pulls can be quite interesting depending on the material that you want to go with. In this case you might want to look for a lot of filigree work. This can even mimic antique jewelry designs. It should be in pewter. It can have more of a black antique kind of design style which will match any black appliances but in a much more subtle kind of way. You could even find a lot of these antique pieces and as long as they all have the same vintage effect then try out different ones on each drawer and match it with a plain silver knob for the rest of the doors for a little bit of cohesion. This can save you money and it's almost like being on a scavenger hunt.

This can also be quite opulent. You might want to go with a more expensive rhinestone studded knob although this can be a little bit difficult to clean at times. This is going to be your most expensive and difficult to find option but it really does show a ton of personality.

Wood knobs and pulls have been popular in the last decade and then they were outdated. Lately stores like Pottery Barn have really been showing a lot of distressed wood and iron versions that can be vintage or rustic. This can also match your cabinetry or add a warmer vibe to just a room with sleeker painted cabinets. It might be a little bit too stark against white cabinets but it will work well with taupe or sage versions.

Kitchen Knobs
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