If you are considering buying a stylish canister set to sit on your kitchen bench, there are a number of factors that you may need to consider. For example, you may want to think about the overall cost and how many canisters you want to have in your set. The bench area size should then be considered because if it is too small then your canisters will take up too much room causing them to look like clutter rather than a practical kitchen feature. Most important however, is the existing color scheme of the kitchen itself as this will influence what color or shade of canister would be the most suitable.

Generally, a kitchen that is decorated and painted in neutral earthy tones is basically like a blank canvas and relatively easy to match any color you may want. Alternatively, a kitchen that is painted white and is fitted out with white-ware appliances such as the fridge, dishwasher and oven a ceramic canister set with a colourful theme for example depicting green palm trees or red chilli peppers on a yellowish glazed background can look stunning against a white background.

The strength of a canister set also needs to be given some thought because some canisters are fragile and can break easily when dropped. If you have young toddlers who have a tendency to climb up on things and have seen you store away chocolate cookies in one of your canisters an unbreakable solid style of canister made of a material such as stainless steel can be very beneficial.

A classy square white ceramic set can look appealing when used as a fashionable kitchen accessory. When two or three of these white canisters are placed together on a bench they can look very decorative and appealing in a modern kitchen that has been tiled with white wall and floor tiles. When supplied with a stylish colorful round top and nicely styled matching lettering they look very attractive in the kitchen.