How to Clean the Kitchen

One area of the house that is difficult to clean and organize is the kitchen. It’s one of the areas that always get dirty and mess up especially if the homeowner loves to cook. There are many memories you can make in your kitchen.

You can entertain your visitor or close friend in the kitchen while sharing some ideas or having an exchange of thoughts. While talking or chatting in the kitchen, you can prepare the food you want to serve your visitor.

If this is the scene, then you must have your kitchen to be ALWAYS spick and span and clutter free. To do this, set a kitchen cleaning schedule and follow a kitchen cleaning checklist.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

1. Clean the huge appliances’ surface. Check the inside area and remove all dirt.
2. Clean the smaller appliances inside and outside. If the small appliances can be easily lifted, clean the underneath surface to remove the dirt.
3. Wash the countertops. Let it dry and polish it.
4. Check the cabinet and wipe it. Remove unused containers to have more space in your cabinet.
5. Clean or wipe the windows.
6. Change the towel or cloth if you have one in your kitchen.
7. Wash the dishes or load of dirty dishes.
8. Clean the sink. Wipe and polish it using a cleaner product.
9. Clean the floor. Sweep and scrub it.
10. Throw the trash and replace it with a new trash liner.

Since cleaning the kitchen would take more time than the usual time of cleaning other areas of the house, select a kitchen cleaning schedule that would give you a handful of time so you can continually work and finish the job in one day. Other room can be cleaned even everyday but the kitchen is ideal to be done every weekend. When cleaning the appliances in the kitchen, don’t forget to turn off and unplug the appliances. Prepare all the cleaning materials you need so you would save time going around looking for the appropriate cleaning tool.

List of Cleaning Supplies

1.Household sponges, rags or cloth that can be used to wiped out dirt and dust.
2.Dish detergent. Select a dish detergent that is liquid for easy cleaning.
3.Sanitizer or disinfectant cleaner for the sink.
4.Soft Scrub
5.Window cleaner

After cleaning your kitchen, try to evaluate and identify the trouble spots in cleaning the area. If you have identified them and observed that these are the reason why it took you so long to finish the cleaning task, try to make another kitchen cleaning schedule and separate the task that took you more time finishing it.