Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda seems to have an endless number of uses, from giving rise to baked goods, oral hygiene, easing indigestion, to creating explosive science projects. Undoubtedly you also know that baking soda can also be used for cleaning. This frugal, eco-friendly cleanser is alkaline and mildly abrasive, making it suited to tackle most of your cleaning needs. Baking soda can be used in every room of the house, but you will be amazed how much it can do in just the kitchen:


Before placing a liner in your trashcan, sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of trashcan and over trash as needed.

Place an open box inside the fridge to absorb odors that would normally affect the flavor of other food.

Pour ¼ cup baking soda down the running garbage disposal with warm water to get rid of smells.

 To get rid of the smell that seems to always be present in plastic storage containers at the end of the day, rinse the container out, sprinkle with baking soda and add fill with hot water. Allow to sit overnight and then wash as usual.

Remove Baked on Food, Grease, & Stains

Add an extra boost to the cleaning power of you dish detergent by sprinkling some baking soda into your dishwater or on your sponge. This is especially helpful when using the more eco-friendly dish detergents that tend to not suds as much.

To remove baked on food from pots or pans, sprinkle with baking soda, then pour in some boiling water, soak until water is cool (or overnight), then wash away with a sponge.

Clean Appliances

To clean your oven, spray inside of the oven with water and then spread a paste (3 parts baking soda to 1 part warm water) being sure to avoid heating elements and exposed metal. Allow paste to sit overnight and then scrape away with spatula. Wipe with a wet sponge or rag to thoroughly remove any leftover baking soda.

For stove drip pans, bring a large pot of water to a boil and add ½ cup baking soda stir with long spoon. Remove from heat and place in drip pans in. Allow to soak overnight and wash with soap and water.

Clean the microwave by adding a few tablespoons of baking soda and water to a microwave safe bowl or cup. Heat the mixture for 2-3 minutes (preferably until water is boiling). Then, carefully remove container and use a damp towel or sponge to wipe down inside of microwave

To clean the coffee maker, fill up coffee pot with warm water and stir in a quarter of a cup of baking soda. Once the baking soda is dissolved, pour water into the chamber and turn on coffee maker, allowing it to brew as usual. Once the cycle is done, “brew” two coffee pots of plain water.

Make Metal Sparkle

 To clean stainless steel, make a paste the consistency of frosting with baking soda and dish detergent. Scoop some of the mixture onto a sponge and scrub stainless steel. Rinse well.

To polish silver line a deep glass dish with aluminum foil. Pour in 2-3 inches of boiling water add 2tsp of baking soda and 1tsp salt and stir. Carefully place in silver, making sure pieces are making contact with aluminum foil. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and air dry on towel.

Make your kitchen sparkle just by cleaning with baking soda

Kitchen Surfaces

 Countertop stains can be removed by covering the stain with a paste (3 parts baking soda, 1 part water) for 5 minutes wipe away with sponge. Although solid countertops may be able to take some scrubbing, make sure to refrain from scrubbing laminate.

Backsplashes can be cleaned by dissolving some baking soda in water and wiping with a sponge or rag. To spruce up grout in tile backsplashes, use the same paste used above for countertop stains.

Floors can be cleaned by using ½ cup of baking soda in a bucket of warm water to mop and rinse.


Now that you know how to use baking soda to make your kitchen sparkle, it’s time to start thinking about ditching the expensive, toxic cleaners and making a switch to something so cheap you can find it in the dollar store, yet effective enough to not leave you wanting.