How to Get Rid of Clutter in the Kitchen

Kitchen Clutter, can take over quickly. With all the ads we get in the mail, plus flyers, homework, leftover lunches, plates, and the next thing you know your kitchen looks stressful, and all you want to do is close the door!

Many people start looking to a kitchen makeover or kitchen renovation, when they see their kitchen in this state, but really, unless the process of how this clutter forms is dealt with, you will be thousands of dollars poorer with a kitchen renovation, and the clutter will still be there.

So, pick a day, when you are the least stressed, preferably during daylight hours, and take a pen and pad of paper, and really stare at your kitchen. Pretend you are a prospective buyer, and really look at it carefully. If you have a problem doing this, then take a Sunday and go to a few open houses in the neighborhood, or new home showrooms at the big box hardware stores, or anywhere there are kitchens, and see how they have theirs organized.

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Over Sink Storage - One of the Fastest Ways to a Clean Kitchen

Then go home and start again. Consider this part of the process your research! This is not a waste of time, and should be considered a part of a kitchen makeover. So, see how the clutter is forming, then check out the inside of your cabinet, and see if some room can be created for any of these "must keep bits of clutter" to get them off the counter, and into their very own spot.

If your kitchen is the natural spot or dumping ground, then it will be easier to come up with a storage idea in the kitchen, rather than trying to change the habits of the family. Pick a cabinet that is right near the spot, and see if it can accommodate some storage bins or under shelf bins.

If the counter top is full of bottles, cleaners and such, but they are things you use all the time, then consider and over the sink storage shelf.  It works around your faucet and is a great way to get things off the surface which gives the impression of mess.

If you have a place for everything, then things look clean and organized.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve this.  The above shelf is affordable and works.

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Under Sink Shelving Utilizes the Wasted Space

Most kitchens have an under sink space that is wasted because there are mechanics and drain pipes for dishwashers and sinks,  But you can get easy to place storage systems that can now turn that cabinet into totally usable space as it works around the plumbing.  

You can double your storage and get the clutter off the counter.

If you have trouble with papers building up on the end of the counter, then consider purchasing a filing system or basket that can house all those bits of mail or papers your kids bring home.

Get Rid of Papers and Declutter

If there is no way this is going to work, then how about some decorative file trays or bins that can sit on the end of the counter, and the mail and flyers can be sorted right there.

One great way that works for me, is to have a "in tray" on the end of the counter, and the cabinet directly below the counter houses a blue recycling box. As so as the mail comes in, you sort it right away, and ads and flyers you don't want go directly into the blue box, leaving the important mail in the "in tray".

This "in tray" will also be a great place for kids to put permission slips or school letters that need attention. This keeps the counter cleaner. Take a look at the rest of the counter. Are there things on the counter that can be put in a cupboard? Take a day and clean out your cabinets, and make some room for spices, or canisters, bottles of wine and the like, and once your counter top is clean, your kitchen will feel instantly less stressful.

Kitchen clutter, if caught early, and if you have ways to process it each day, then it will not take you over. This is also a good way not to lose bills in the flyers, or miss important bits of paper. So, next step is to train the family with where to put their things, and you will not be constantly shutting the door to your kitchen!