Everywhere around us is encouraging, if not pleading, us to help save Mother Earth. With unusual weather pattern and dramatic climate change, you know and feel that these things are some of telltale signs that the nature is ready to do something if we do not change our ways. And, you could start today with an urban and under the counter kitchen compost bin. Who says you have to live in a small farm just to do composting; with a simple kitchen compost bin, you could turn simple kitchen waste to an organic fertilizer to create your little patch of heaven right at your very own veranda.

If you are just starting out to turn green, here's a quick checklist of what you need to look for in a kitchen compost bin:

Small solution to world's biggest problem. As kitchen compost bins are specifically designed to fit to just about any kitchen, you want to purchase an item that you could easily slip under your kitchen sink. While you want something that is handy and convenient, you would still want to make sure that the compost bin could handle at least a week's worth of kitchen waste. Available compost bins come in variety of sizes and sink counter fittings: from a gallon to those big enough to handle a month's worth of food waste.

Shopping tip: if you are still quite new to composting, it would be advisable for you to start with one-gallon compost bins. These small bins are very handy and could fit just about anywhere. If you are worrying about keeping an indoor compost bin, your family and friends won't even know that you are keeping one as today's urban compost bins are stylish and sleek.

Long lasting carbon filter. Kitchen compost, even if you go vegan, does not exactly smell sweet. To make sure that your home stays sweet-smelling as possible, purchasing a compost bin that utilizes a long-lasting and active carbon filter to trap odor is essential if you want to last long with an indoor compost bin.

Shopping tip: most kitchen compost bins use fermentation process to break down waste. While this process is so much better than vermicomposting, most consumers complain about foul smell and, worse, worms. It is with this issue that experts at Consumersearch.com recommend purchasing those that integrate electric composter than fermentation and have a snug-fitting lid. Consumersearch.com recommends Nature Mill Plus while WSJ is all praise to Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper.

Flexible compost bin not only saves money but also a lot of your time. For beginners, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a compost bin that could accommodate and evenly compost dairy products, meat, vegetables, and fish. And, since putting in a myriad of food waste attracts more bugs and worms than specific waste type-bins, you need to make sure that the compost bin that you would purchase a brand that utilizes "hot composting". Unfortunately, not all indoor compost bins could provide an even and "hot composting" – a technique that renders uniform composting for all types of food wastes and maintains an odor- and bug-free kitchen compost bin.

Shopping tip: heading directly to a department store and expecting that compost bins with a "hot composting" technology is easily available may not exactly work as you've planned. BestGreenTips.com recommends NatureMill Automatic Indoor Composter for this specification.