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Kitchen counter tops to many homeowners may seem to be just a necessary surface to work and prepare food on, but kitchen worktops really are the main focal point of all nice kitchens, because they are one of the largest and most visible areas that catch the eye once you enter any kitchen. Many do not realise the import of having beautiful countertops in their kitchens, as they appear to lay more emphasis on the cabinet units, style of the kitchen and its general space arrangement.


Many homeowners get tired of their once 'much loved' kitchen design and feel the best thing to do is to rip them all out and have a kitchen remodelling job done. Not necessarily so. Merely changing the kitchen counter tops of any dreary looking kitchen will bring it 'back to life' and add many more years to its use, and give delightful satisfaction to the home occupants for a very long time.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas

There are a good number of kitchen counter tops on the market today, dozens of countertop materials that any homeowner can choose from. Countertop materials include:

  • Ceramic tile finish kitchen worktops
  • Marble and granite counter top slabs
  • Marble and granite tiles
  • Slate worktops
  • Hardwood counter tops
  • Engineered wood worktops
  • Slate and other natural stone materials
  • Limestone
  • Laminated kitchen worktops
  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Corian countertops

Today's Trends in Kitchen Counter Tops

People are paying a whole lot of attention to their kitchen interior design now, and most home seekers will even base their decisions of buying a new home on its kitchen design and style. But the current trend is seeing homeowners leaning towards the natural stone surfaces, not only for their natural beauty and aesthetic appeal, but for their durability, longevity and strength.


Some of the popular natural countertop materials such as granite, limestone and slate, are green environmentally friendly materials, and because 'going green is the in thing’; sales of these and other natural countertops are on the increase.


Gone are the days when plastic laminate and Formica finish tops were the rave. Their great disadvantage was the peeling aspect, and this eventually occurs no matter how well taken care of they are. With natural stones, this will never happen.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to a matter of choice, there are a number of questions that an intending buyer must answer.

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Are you looking for a beautiful countertop or a simple one?
  • Which type of top will compliment the kitchen as it is?
  • Do you need a top that fits a multipurpose function kitchen?
  • Are you willing to go for high maintenance kitchen worktops or the easy maintenance ones?
  • What are your countertop lifespan expectations?
  • Is the kitchen heavily trafficked or lightly utilised?
  • What colours of countertops will go with the kitchen's colour scheme?

Once a few basic answers have been established, it is time to talk with kitchen fitters or kitchen counter top retailers.


Some savvy homeowners don't mind the idea of a mix of two different kitchen counter top materials, for example a mix and match of Sapele hardwood countertop material on the breakfast countertop with stainless steel surface in the work area, is a great look for a contemporary kitchen design.

Kitchen Worktop Quotes

Kitchen countertop quotes can be anywhere from cheap or reasonable, to luxurious and expensive. The most reasonably priced ones include those finished with plastic laminates and Formica, and with new technological advances, there are plastic laminates and Formica that look exactly like granite countertops, but without the price tag.


Then there are the high end kitchen countertops like granite and stainless steel that are considered as luxury work surfaces for expensive and nice kitchens.


Countertop quotes are estimated per square foot (or square metre), with the cheaper ones costing as little as $15 per sq ft and the more expensive worktops costing up to $120 or more per sq ft.

On a Final Note

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If you are one of the homeowners that look at your kitchen with dread, now is the time to search around for new ideas, or call in some kitchen contractors for quotes on new countertops.


And finally, when choosing kitchen counter tops for a kitchen's makeover, it's good to remember to always consult a professional and get at least 3 estimates before making a final choice.