Kitchen paint color ideas allow you to choose colors that are going to last on everything from your paint tones to your tile choices. You can just combine neutrals in interesting ways or decorate with splash of color.

One thing that you'll want to bring into the room is a subtle theme. This is going to give you much more lasting pieces than if you were going to go with lots of decorative wallpapers and towels. For instance for a beach theme you could be inspired by the colors of starfish. Use this as a stain color on your wood. Look for moody blue wall colors that you can use on your backsplash tile or walls. Then decorate with crisp white cabinets. However, since each of the tones are so neutral you can change them up and you could even get away with blue cabinet colors.

You can also herald back to a specific era depending on the kitchen color ideas that you go with. You will need to update the color palette slightly if you are using materials that are very specific to the time period. The art deco style is going to use a lot of handpainting and intricate patterns. It's also going to be one of your more expensive options so you may just want to use it on your backsplash. This could just be a basic gray or white piece with a subtle raised pattern.

The more over the top art decor pieces will use pinks, purples, and blues. This can lead to a color palette that can be difficult to live with. However, if you can match one neutral tone to the granite countertops then this will keep things elegant while toning it down at the same time. This is also going to use a lot of leaves and scroll work for a more subdued garden kind of color palette.

You can also use color to create a theme. The French country kind of design style is going to use more subdued tones that are still a little bit more daring than what you are used to seeing in kitchens. Either blue or yellow will work for your cabinets just as long as it is bold enough. You could even finish off the primary color palette by bringing in red check curtains or dishes. Again, this will use lots of stone tile but the rest of the color palette is still going to be bold.

If you are looking for a natural inspiration then you're going to have to pay a lot of attention. This could be the most basic item such as a white rose. Look at it closely and you'll see little bits of yellow and ivory. This will give you a variety of color palettes to use for a neutral room and you could paint your barstools in a green leaf accent color. You could use this on your artwork or even just a vase of roses on your dining room table. It's one of the few ways to do the shabby chic or the cottage kinds of design style without it being too feminine.