If you are trying to do kitchen remodeling on a budget, it can be difficult, but not impossible. The best way is to measure your kitchen and come up with a plan. If you are drawing blanks with your imagination, then take a day and head to those kitchen showrooms or home improvement stores and see get some ideas.

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Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

New Kitchen for Cheap


Make sure it is only ideas though! Kitchen showrooms, are like new car showrooms, somehow you end up justifying the need for everything in there.

If you find the right place, they will often send a “estimator” or “designer” for a small fee that is usually refundable when you purchase (We used Home Depot).

But kitchen remodeling on a budget, requires some planning. But also there are a few tricks to watch for if you do end up ordering a kitchen from your local home improvement store like we did for a rental property we wanted to upgrade. We wanted them to install it. We did all the gutting out, and replaced the floor with some Allure flooring which was wonderful for the kitchen and cheap.

The kitchen girl we talked to at the local home improvement store was a wealth of information on just how to cut corners, but still end up with a great looking kitchen.

1. Skip the valance - Yes those under cabinet lights look really cool. You can still have them if you get the slightly recessed ones, this way you don’t see them. That was the point of the valance (the little 3 or 4 inch piece of wood that gets attached to the bottom of the upper cabinets to hide any sign of the light fixture).

I asked her to price the cabinet with the valance attached and the price instantly jumped 600 dollars for a very small amount of kitchen space. I was shocked. She told me, the minute you take a standard sized kitchen and start adding some things, this is where the dollars add up. So, we skipped the valance.

2. Countertop - We got a good deal on a arborite countertop that was going to be cut to fit these new cabinets. If I wanted the counter top to be flush with the back wall then it was really cheap, the minute I wanted one with that 3 inches radius that goes up the wall, they were going to add another 200 dollars.

3. Install Your Own Sink - I was getting this kitchen installed. The install price was totally reasonable at 450.00 dollars. I didn’t want to have to do it. Everything was in tiny pieces, and these guys do it all the time, so we splurged for the install. But saying that, the install price included cutting the hole for the sink, as long as the new sink was on site for sizing etc. Which was fine, but if you wanted them to actually install the sink, add another 250.00 dollars.

4. Install Your Own Dishwasher - If you wanted them to install the dishwasher, add another 250.00 dollars. Unless you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then budget this in.

5. Install your own Overhead Fan on the Stove - Add another 250.00 dollars. If you get them to do this.

Before Kitchen RemodelCredit: Diane Palmer

Before Kitchen Remodel (pictured)

As you can see, it doesn’t take long for your kitchen remodeling on a budget to get blown out of the water.

I had told her this was a rental unit, and she knew that we wanted quality and yet clean and simple designs and affordable. So, she went through all of this with us, which was good. There should be no one rushing these decisions at you. Sometimes the installers don’t know this, and will offer to do things, but they will end up on the bill, so be careful.

If you can totally install your own entire kitchen then you will save huge dollars, but if you are not comfortable doing this, then at least do the parts you can. Such as the removal of the old kitchen, fixing the floor if you need any more plywood under the cabinets etc, and making sure the area is totally empty and clean and level.

We got a really good install price for our rental unit, as long as I stayed away from all those extras.

The other thing she told me, is that many people love seeing natural maple cabinets in new houses, but no one thinks to buy them when they do a kitchen remodel. In a color brochure they tend to look boring to some people. She told us, that the maple cabinets, that are varnished the natural color will be cheaper than even those basic white cabinets. So, we chose them and they worked out great I thought. We worked as much as we could on standard cabinet sizes. Nothing had to be “specially ordered” that will save too.

We chose a warm tone for the wall, that accented the natural maple cabinets and we were able to undertake a kitchen remodeling on a budget. For under 5000 dollars we ended up with a really nice kitchen for our rental unit, and that included the kitchen appliances.

After Kitchen RemodelCredit: Diane Palmer

After Kitchen Remodel (pictured)

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget - Appliances - If you stick with white, they are the cheapest right now. Most people are going for the stainless steel look, but there is nothing wrong with white. We managed to get 5 brand new white appliances for 1500 dollars from Home Depot. The deal was we had to pick them up. We rented a truck and it was still cheaper than buying fancy new ones.


So, this rental unit ended up with brand new kitchen, floor and appliances for 5000.00 dollars. It can be done, if you look for deals, and if you are a bit handy. We knew a plumber “in training” that helped to install the sink and dishwasher.. So, at the end of the day, it is easier to just whip out your credit card and have someone do everything for you, but for a price. Or you can do some of your own research and still get a kitchen remodel on a budget with all brand new.

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